The birds and the bees (but no cigarette tree)

Today’s picture, sent to me by my son Tony, shows the sunrise over Elie in Fife where he was up early to work.

sunrise over Elie

It was the last day of our short period of wonderful weather today and I did my best to make the most of it.  Mrs Tootlepedal had to work almost all day and felt sad to have missed such a rare day of sunshine.

Dropscone arrived for the morning run and for the first time in recorded history, I was actually ready to go as he arrived.  He recovered from the shock and we went round in very pleasant conditions and in an improved time.  Dropscone is getting back to form by the day.  His bike though, has a dodgy gear change at the moment and will perhaps need to visit the bike hospital for care and attention before very long.

After my shower, I took the camera into the garden to try to show the benefits of a sunny day.

The insects on Michalemas daisies
The insects certainly enjoyed the sunshine

Every flower had its quota of insect life.  I count nine on the Michaelmas daisies above.

two stripy things
I don't know what these are but there are a lot of them about

There were bumble bees of every shape and size as well and the sparrows were enjoying my grass seed, the ungrateful things.

The last crop of Michaelmas daisies, which Mrs Tootlepedal thought might not flower at all, are doing well in this warmer weather after all.


Mrs Tootlepedal intends to move them at a suitable moment to a place near my two fuchsias.

There were several red admiral butterflies about but the peacock and tortoiseshell butterflies are conspicuous by their absence.

red admiral

In the afternoon, I went up to the golf course to see if I could remember how to play golf.  I was the youngest of the three ball that played and I was also the worst as the other two played well.  I mixed excellent and atrocious in just about equal measure but it was a treat just to be able to play at all.  The course itself is in a very soggy condition and the few days of good weather this week have not made much of a difference to that though they have allowed the greenkeeping staff to get vital work done.  The green keeper has put some very good recent pictures of the course on his blog. He deserves great credit for the way he and his men have battled through some shocking conditions this year.

The first half of this month was not great for cycling and I found myself with an eleven mile shortfall from my target distance so when I got back from the golf course, I had a gentle spin up to the top of Callister and back.   When I was at the top, I met the clerk of works for the council who used to look after the schools where I worked.  He was having a moment of peace in a lay-by.  He told me of the many problems that he is facing in the current conditions and this made me even more pleased than usual to be retired and not to have to worry any more about reconciling irreconcilable aims.

In spite of the fine weather, the hand of autumn has been firmly laid across the countryside and everything is beginning to look brown.

Beside the Lockerbie road

I took several very fine pictures but sadly, as you can see from the above effort,  my camera lens was fogged up and I wasn’t able to use them.  This is the same stream looking in the other direction.

a stream

The sun was still shining when I got back and so I got my unfogged camera out again.





It’s sad to think that we may not see the sun again for several months if the rest of the year is anything to go by.

The sparrows had gone off to eat someone else’s grass seed and a small crowd of blue tits came to take their place.

blue tit

a coal tit joins in
A coal tit joins in

blue tit

blue tit

blue tit

coal tit
And a single coal tit

I finish with a green corner of the garden.

green corner

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12 thoughts on “The birds and the bees (but no cigarette tree)

  1. This post was a treat! So many different types of photography and photos. Very nice. I think my favorite is the first landscape photo. But truly a wonderful post with some many delightful photos. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your countryside picture is wonderful even if there is some fogging…not bad at all! The first one would make a wonderful picture painted…I love your bird photos I feel like I would reach in and hold one in my hands. We’ve had rain on and off for a while…the sun peeks in every so often. The colors are starting to turn here, but our area is pretty green yet. We’re heading about 200 miles north of us to see some beautiful fall colors in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan this weekend.

  3. Glad you managed to get in a round of golf, and that you had another lovely sunny day. Good to see the blue tits.

  4. You have surpassed yourself with the photographs on this blog, I am awestruck at the images and the beautiful garden, Mrs Tootlepedal must be proud of her, and your, handiwork.

    Rachel, who is staying for a couple of nights, was equally inpressed.

  5. Tootlepedal thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m glad you did, because I saw this post and I love the birds! I also like the photo of the bees in the flowers, getting multiple in one shot was excellent. Well done and thank you for sharing!

  6. The hoverfly is obviously a Helophilus, but unfortunately the different species of H. are not easy to discern. I opt for a H. pendulus since this is the commonest on the British isles

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