The world turned upside down

Today’s picture gives a snapshot of the day.


Dropscone rang to see what I thought about the morning run.  There was a touch of blue sky and I was positive.  By the time he arrived, it was chucking it down and blowing hard to boot.  I was negative.  He had bought scones and I had recently invested in some new coffee beans so we settled for coffee and scones. However, by the second cup, the sky had cleared and the wind had dropped so in a complete reversal of our usual routine, we set off on our morning run after our coffee and scones.

In view of the changeable weather and not wanting to be caught out in the country in lashing rain and high winds, we opted for a three lap ride up to Wauchope Schoolhouse and back.   On the first lap there was some tentative rain but the rest of the journey was made in good sunshine.  The wind was brisk throughout but the up and down meant that we didn’t have to put up with it for too long at a time.   On our second lap we met two cyclists who were doing an Annan-Langholm-Ride and as a result rode into Langholm in a positive peleton.

Although we were in the sun and dry, this was the first cold day of the autumn season.  When we started, Dropscone’s bike thermometer was registering only 42° F which is decidedly chilly.  It had warmed up to 48° by the time we finished.

Just after Dropscone left to go home, with the sun still shining, I took the camera out to take a sunny shot or two.

sparrows (2)
sparrows in the sun
sunshine perch
The leaves are being blown off the plum tree. It lets a bird get a sit in the sun though.


The green shoots in front of the begonias are grape hyacinths ready for next spring.  A gardener has to be well ahead of the game.

rose lilian austin
Rose Lilian Austin trying very hard. There are plenty of buds left if the weather permits
Michaelmas daisies are giving us the most colour at the moment

white nicotiana

last potentilla
This is nearly the last potentilla flower along the dam at the back of the house. A sad moment.

As soon as I came in, the weather turned nasty again so we were lucky to get the ride done in the dry. Later in the afternoon, the weather cleared up and Mrs Tootlepedal went out to garden.  I spiked and sanded the second quarter of the front lawn which is now half done.   Because the ground is so wet,  it has proved to be easier than usual to do the spiking.  It’s an ill wind etc.

I noticed these daisies blooming in a bed in the vegetable garden..

veg daisies

.. Mrs Tootlepedal put them there when they were moved from a flower border because she felt that it would be a pity to throw them away.  They will re-appear in a flower bed next year.

I took a peek over a neighbour’s fence to admire his yellow rose. It is at the far end of his garden and the picture doesn’t do it justice.

yellow rose

We had to go in when it started to rain again but this robin wasn’t discouraged and pecked away at seed on the ground under the feeder.


All in all, it was a day of sunshine and showers but not entirely wasted.  The weather cleared up once again and after tea we walked along to the Buccleuch Centre to hear the Edinburgh String Quartet play.  In the first half they played Mozart and Beethoven with enormous zest which was most enjoyable and in the second half they played Tchaikovsky with great spirit which was extremely dull  (other opinions are available).

While the Mozart and Beethoven are like rivers of music, sweeping you along, the Tchaikovsky is like a great heap of notes blowing this way and that way in the wind, sometimes making an agreeable pattern but largely meaningless to me.  For all his sobbing and sighing, I feel no engagement to his music and not even the very enthusiastic playing could move me.  Still, as Meatloaf sang, ‘Two out of three ain’t bad.’  Especially when you only have to walk 200m to hear the concert.

Mrs Tootlepedal’s mother is coming to stay with us next week and I was on the phone yesterday arranging with Mrs Tootlepedal’s brother where to have a granny handover.  It turned out that Warrington was the spot.  We arranged this by both looking at Google Maps on our computers simultaneously while on the phone and it made the task very simple.  My brother-in-law remarked about Google Maps in passing, “This would have been very useful in World War II.”  I must say that I hadn’t thought of that.

I still haven’t got my computer program activation sorted and I received a plaintive email from them today asking me to phone a little earlier in the afternoon than I did today as they knock off work at 5pm.  I might have replied that if their program worked properly,  I wouldn’t have to phone them at all but I restrained myself. I live in hope.

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3 thoughts on “The world turned upside down

  1. I liked the perky robin and the lovely rose among other things. Glad you had some sunshine and managed a bicycle ride. Hope you get your computer programme sorted out soon.

  2. One wouldn’t know that the later photos are from the same day as the first one, it looked like it was going to be a rotter. Unless one read the blog properly of course. Which I did.

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