On a clear day

Today’s picture shows an old friend who’s been hanging around.  I took it just to show that the skies were clear all day for once.

the moon

The day was sunny from the start but Dropscone was gloomy.  His aches and pains meant that he couldn’t cycle today.  I changed my plan,  had two extra slices of toast and a cup of coffee and set off round a familiar forty mile circular  route, going by Ecclecfechan, Gretna and Glenzier.

I hadn’t gone more than three hundred yards before I stopped.

heron at Pool Corner
A heron at Pool Corner

There are several herons along the Wauchope road but this was the only one I saw today.  My route took me over Callister and down to Waterbeck and then to Middlebie and Ecclefechan.  Dropscone had noticed a fallen tree near Dunnabie last time we came along here.

fallen tree

As he said, it was lucky that it fell the way it did and didn’t crush any elderly cyclists who might have been passing.  Strangely it seems to have fallen into the prevailing wind so perhaps it was undermined by flooding from the burn.

Although the glorious sunshine was crying out for photos, I have taken quite a lot on this route before so I limited myself to  a couple taken near Middlebie.

The first shows Burnswark, site of a Roman camp, which I had seen from a distance last week.  It is so flat topped that it looks man made but it isn’t.


From the same spot, I could turn from ancient history to modern technology.

windmills at Minsca

They were certainly earning their keep today as I was cycling into a brisk and chilly north westerly wind.  This worked in my favour as I had a grand swoop from Ecclefechan to Gretna with the gentle rises ironed out by the following winds.  Of course I had to pay for it and the trip back from Gretna was hard work.  My own back is not quite in good order yet and I limited myself to leisure pedalling and averaged exactly 14 mph.

Mrs Tootlepedal went off to work in the afternoon and so I went up to Dr Barlow’s bird feeding station to see whether the newly erected hide would be helpful.   I tried out my new lens that gives me great zooming power.  Unfortunately it works at the expense of the autofocus and the exposure is affected as well.  I thought I saw something interesting and managed to get this picture.


More practice required.  It was quite a long way away and in a very shady part of the feeding station.

As I was driving home, the day seemed so gorgeous that a little outing was indicated.  I went up the Eskdalemuir road to Burnfoot and then crossed over Sorbie Haas to the A7 and so home in a short ten mile tour.

Near Peden's view
Near Peden's view

Looking north.
Looking north. The little building on the left is the substation for the Craig windfarm.
Looking up the Esk Valley from near Henwell
Looking up the Esk Valley from near Henwell
Looking South
Looking South from the same spot. Clark Fell and Meikleholm Hill
North up the Ewes Valley
Looking north up the Ewes Valley

When I got back, I had another go at solving my computer program activation problem, speaking to my fifth different person but with exactly the same result.  I had replied to an email they had sent me using the reply button on my email program but their system had refused to even read it because my reply came from a different address even though the reply contained their original email.  I hope I have fixed that problem now and I expect a timely solution to my problem tomorrow.

A man has to live in hope.

I cheered myself up with a picture of the Japanese anenomes which continue to look lovely in sun or rain.

Japanese anenomes


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3 thoughts on “On a clear day

  1. I really enjoyed the splendid views of the beautiful Border country today. The weather looked fine for the time of year. It is Thanksgiving week-end here and we are also enjoying some wonderful weather, The forecast is for 26C tomorrow so a bit hot for cycling!

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