Wrong way round

Today’s picture is the second from my sister Mary’s  recent Thameside walk.  There seems to be plenty of money about for building large showy offices.

London Parks and buildings Oct 2011 004

Dropscone appeared for the morning run and we went round the usual route. There was a slight drizzle when we started but this soon gave way to sunshine and all looked good until, at half distance, we ran into some low cloud which soon turned into steady rain.  I was most unhappy about this because I was short of a rear mudguard and soon had a very soggy behind.  I don’t know how people can pedal in the wet without mudguards. We came out of it before we finished but still had to change and shower before coffee and scones. To make things even  more annoying, the sun came out as soon as we sat down to the table. This is the wrong way round and not what we expect.

The sun gave me a chance to wander round the garden and not only was the red rose out…

red rose

…but it had been joined on the other side of the garden by a yellow one too.

yellow rose

As long as the frost holds off, there are more of both to come.

From the mysterious plopping noises when I approach the pond, I think there is a resident frog but it is very shy.  I had to make do with these snails.  There are a lot of them about.


Some long lasting flowers are still about.

A lone geranium
Nearly the last cosmos

On the bird front, I spent some more time trying to catch a tit in flight.

Great tit
I was just too late to get this great tit before it landed
coal tit
I had hopes that this coal tit would fly off predictably
Coal tit in flight
And it did. It was still a bit too fast for me but this is an improvement.

As I have said before, sparrows are more predictable and stable.

sparrow approaching

But what is that in the top left corner…

coal tit in flight again

I’m after a blue tit next.

I made some potato and leek soup for lunch.  The leeks are growing very well. Mrs Tootlepedal puts it down the good manure she put into the bed before planting.   Since I planted them,  I think that there is more to it than just muck.

In the afternoon, Mrs Tootlepedal went to work and I finished off spiking and sanding the front lawn.  Then I took Granny off to the Whitesyke garden centre to buy more sand.  She bought four packets of red tulip bulbs with some three year old garden tokens which she had about her.  I got three bags of sand for the middle lawn and very kindly, Granny found some more tokens to pay for them too.  We both left the centre in a very sunny mood and went home for a nice cup of tea.

I called in at the bike shop on the way to see about new mudguards.  I don’t fancy cycling with a wet bottom for any longer than I have to.  Not to mention the extra washing required.

Since Mrs Tootlepedal was at work, I cooked some mince for our tea and it turned out well.  This was lucky as my mince cooking skills are a bit hit and miss.

Then it was time for a visit to Carlisle to play recorders.  We played some very enjoyable music with a mixture of recorder consort pieces and four entertaining quartets with harpsichord accompaniment.  The harpsichord is supplied by a modern electronic instrument and Heather remarked that it is not like playing a real harpsichord because all the notes work perfectly and it is absolutely in tune.  It also has touch sensitivity so that she can play both loudly and softly and every gradation in between.  It makes it a wonderful instrument to accompany four recorders in someone’s front room.  We liked a piece by Bertali best tonight.

The bird feeder was again visited by a single  goldfinch late in the day.

I hope it returns soon when the light is better

So that was a day with a pedal, a tootle, some lawn care, mince for tea and a goldfinch.  It will be hard to beat.


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5 thoughts on “Wrong way round

  1. Well good to see you got some sun! The flowers look great and so do the birds! You guys are going to have to look at the radar before you go for rides! 🙂
    We’ve been enjoying a good spell of 70 and low 80 degree weather here (and no rain) but we have some coming. Our leaves are dropping heavily and the lawn has disappeared. That’s what you get living by 40 ft. tall trees!
    I had a pond for a while and frogs always appeared seemingly from nowhere every year. I have a picture somewhere of 4 of them piled on on top of the other! Is your pond a natural one? Ours was manufactured by us, but it was a bit of a maintenance problem so we gave up on it. Or is your pond a pond in the village?
    Hope you have many more rain free days ahead or at least rain free when you want them to be!

    1. The pond is very small (8ft long) and was dug by one of our sons and a friend when they had left school and were awaiting employment. Your 70 to 80 degree weather sounds very enticing. We could certainly do with a bit of that to dry the ground up here. The frogs arrive in great numbers in the spring.

  2. It sounds like an excellent day. Loved the red and yellow roses, and the goldfinch has come out very well.

  3. The ominous plopping sounds may come from the snails, as they regularly open an air intake hole directly beneath their shell.

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