Birds of a feather

Today’s picture is another sunrise, captured today by Dropscone on his way to supervise a golf event at Coldstream.


It was a lovely day today, more like summer than autumn.  I didn’t go cycling which was a bit of a waste of the day but I was playing golf and there wasn’t enough time to go cycling before golfing and there wasn’t enough energy to go cycling after golfing.  As it turned out, maybe I should have gone cycling.

The chief excitement of the morning was the arrival at the feeders of a good looking greenfinch.

greenfinch and bluetit
Green and blue in perfect harmony

It was soon joined by another two.

Three greenfinches
But were they welcome?
Greenfinches beak to neak
Probably not
Greenfinches on feeder
Definitely not
greenfinches in dispute
I like the sparrow quietly nibbling round the back, ignoring the fuss
sparrows and greenfinches
That didn't last long

A chaffinch had the right idea and took his seed away to eat in peace on a neighbour’s roof.

chaffinch on roof

 The picture gives you a good idea of what a grand day it was.  I stopped chasing birds and went for a look at some flowers.

Icelandic poppy among stems

Then I saw another bird.  These dunnocks are usually very shy but this one was quite calm.


I returned to the flowers.

yellow rosebud

This is a real bonus in mid October.

After a very early lunch I went up to the golf. The winter competition tees off at twelve on a Saturday. I had thought it was 12.30 but luckily I made a phone call and found out the right time.  The earlier start meant that I didn’t have enough to eat or drink before playing and this didn’t help my usual ropey efforts.  There were seven people ready to play which was a bit disappointing for such a good day for golf.

warming up on the first tee
Warming up on the first tee

I played in a two ball which I like as it means getting round the course more quickly.

Willie on the third
Willie, my playing partner, on the third hole

I took a couple more clubs than usual in my bag by accident but they came in handy during the first round and I played quite well.  Unfortunately, the sole came off one of my golf shoes on the sixth hole and I had to play the second nine with one golf shoe and one ordinary shoe.  I can’t blame this for the collapse of my game from the eleventh hole onwards.  I put that down to getting extremely tired and puffed out.  My playing partner had played the first nine holes pretty poorly but as I fell away, he came into his own and finished strongly, beating me overall by one point.  It gives us both plenty of opportunity to improve over the rest of the season.

When I got home,  I found two birds of a different sort in the garden.

Granny and Mrs Tootlepedal
Mrs Tootlepedal and her mother enjoy a sit in the sunshine

They are admiring the flag of Guam.  Mrs Tootlepedal’s embroidery group have been invited to contribute a group embroidery featuring Guam as part of the London Olympics in 2012.  Each member has to contribute a 6″ x 4″ Guam related embroidered piece which will be sewn into a hanging.  She is also going to enter the pole vault.

I hung out the nyger seed feeder as I have seen the odd siskin and goldfinch about.  It immediately atrracted a blue tit.

nyger seed feeder with blue tit

You seem to be able to spell this seed as niger, nyger or nyjer so I am going to vary the spelling as I go through the winter to be fair to each variant.

The siskins and goldfinches should come into the garden in the autumn and I wonder if they know what season it is.  It is a very confused year. This forsythia by the back door says it is coming on for winter.


But the rose shown above and this spirea which is just producing a clump of flowers say it is summer.


But at the other end of the spirea bush, it’s autumn..

spirea leaves

The warm weather had made the grass grow so much that I had to mow both lawns in case we lost Granny in the undergrowth.  They looked very reasonable for the time of year.

front lawn

The low evening sunshine brings out the best in the grasses which Mrs Tootlepedal likes so much.

grass seeds

grass heads

The temperatures are going to drop from now on but this was a day to remember when the chill comes along.

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4 thoughts on “Birds of a feather

  1. Great pictures of the stand-off at the bird feeders. Your garden still looks lovely for the time of year. We have had a wonderful summer and autumn but the high winds this week-end will result in all those beautiful leaves lying on the ground.
    Mrs. Tootlepedal might be interested in looking at One of our local ladies had the idea to make a huge quilt with a square representing every ethnic and First Nation group in Canada. It is a thing of wonder and beauty. Anyone interested in needlework would be very impressed I think. It goes without saying however that I did not contribute to the project although I did once embroider a tray cloth in Miss Macleod’s class!

    1. I am sorry about your winds but glad you had a good summer after your long and hard winter. I have drawn Mrs Tootlepedal’s attention to your link, thank you.

  2. Loved the bird quarrels, you are very clever catching them as they move!

    The lawn looks splendid.

    Sorry the golf wasn’t as good as it might have been, bad luck your shoe coming to grief like that.

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