Life in the slow lane

Today’s picture was taken by Mrs Tootlepedal’s mother at the Making the Most of Moorlands (An Education Project) bird feeder station.

photographer photographed

When Dropscone arrived for the morning pedal, I got out the slow bike for a change.  The roads on the morning run are potholed, muddy and covered with leaves and stones and the slow bike, with its suspension and fat tyres, gives me a feeling of confidence compared with the speedy bike.  It was a cold (42° F) but beautiful morning with what turned out to be a brisk northerly wind when we turned into it on the way home.  I pedalled as fast as I could on the slow bike but we still took a long time to get round. I thought it was worth it for the extra comfort.  I certainly enjoyed the scones and coffee afterwards.

There were not so many goldfinches today for some reason but one or two did try the nyger seeds.

goldfinch looking left

goldfinch looking right

You can see the breeze fluttering their feathers.

The sun pointed up the little patches of colour left in the garden.

There are marigolds in many corners
Japanese anenomes
The Japanese anenomes are still beautiful but getting scarcer
I am pretty sure that this will be the last rose of the year
The gardener herself showed me this little campanula

Michaelmas daisies

These Michaelmas daisies in the vegetable garden are very well sheltered from the wind and as a result they are the still going strong when all the other daisies are withered and dead.

The nasturtiums are flagging in general but in the shelter at the side of the greenhouse, some are still looking well.

yellow nasturtiums

What wouldn’t Mrs Tootlepedal give for a nice south facing walled garden!  (Me too, because I would fill it with soft fruit.)

In the afternoon, Mrs Tootlepedal went to work again.  She is very busy providing holiday cover.  Her mother and I were left to entertain ourselves and since it was such a nice day, we went for a drive.  We started out by going to the Making the Most of Moorlands bird feeder station.  I saw a flash of white at a peanut feeder.  It was a greater spotted woodpecker.

Feeder station

A closer look…

It was certainly cracking into the peanuts

We didn’t stay too long as the cold wind more than made up for the sunshine and we made our way down to a more sheltered spot beside the river Esk at Gilnockie.  I parked the car and we walked along to the bridge.

Mauri striding out
Mauri striding out

There was quite a bit of water in the river in spite of the pleasant day.

The view from the bridge looking south
The view from the bridge looking south
The view from the bridge looking north
The view from the bridge looking north

The trees round about were showing a good range of colours..

autumn colour

Selection of trees

It was hard to believe that we were walking along the old main road between Edinburgh and Carlisle.  The section below was closed about 25 years ago and Dropscone and I use it as part of our morning route.  Perhaps we don’t pause to admire its beauty as much as we it deserves.

Old A7

After a splendid meal of mince and tatties prepared by Mrs Tootlepedal, which was followed by a dish of stewed apples from the garden, I put another week of the E & L into the database.  I used a speech recognition program to put the data in.  It is a very clever program but in the set up that I use for entering data, it works quite slowly, making the whole business somewhat soporific but stress free compared to using my erratic typing skills to do the same job.

Altogether it was a very splendid day which I will remember with pleasure in the cold weather to come.

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3 thoughts on “Life in the slow lane

    1. It was a very short walk as Mauri is recovering from a hip operation.

      The best thing about the scenery round here is its varied nature.

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