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Today’s picture is from Tash and shows the fine weather that Tony, Marianne and Tash enjoyed in Menorca on their recent holiday.


Here it was not the best day for photographing flowers as it was overcast and windy but nevertheless I had a quick look round to see what had survived the recent frost.  These are not very exciting pictures but this blog acts as a record of what is in the garden at any given time.

Mrs Tootlepedal has cleared the front beds completely and the hen and chick are now in lonely splendour.

front beds

A few marigolds have lasted.


Three of the clematis are still on the go.  This one benefits from being on the sheltered side of the veg garden hedge.


clematis 2

One twig of crocosmia has survived. I thought that they had all gone but I was wrong.


The Michaelmas daisies win the prize for hardiness.


A few of the Icelandic poppies are also showing that their name would indicate an ability to put up with a chilly spell.

Icelandic poppy

Finally, the nasturtiums at the front gate have lasted while all the others have been blasted.


Considering that we had such a brief spell of frost, no more than four or five hours, on a single day, it is a pity to see the execution it caused.

I went off to play golf at noon in the winter competition.  I had been so tired after last week’s effort that I said to Mrs Tootlepedal that I probably wouldn’t play again as the balance of fun and pain had tipped too far.  Years of experience of my moaning led her to be very unsurprised when I went back up again today.  In fact, I enjoyed myself quite a lot.  I had shed two clubs from my bag and taken out all the old golf balls that seem to accumulate in a golfer’s bag and that lightened the load I had to pull.   The course was probably a little drier underfoot and that helped too.

As usual, my form was mixed.  I played quite well for fourteen out of the eighteen holes and very badly for the other four so my score was not good enough to win the sweep by a long way.

When I got home, I just had time to look at the bird life…

goldfinches at rest
Goldfinches at rest
goldfinches in action
Goldfinches in action
sparrows in a whirl
Sparrows in a whirl

.. before my son Tony arrived to visit Granny. He had been with his partner Marianne and her daughter Tash to visit Marianne’s father who is in hospital in Newcastle and then came on to see us.  Considering that they were only just back from Menorca, they were in good form after another journey and looking well tanned by the Mediterranean sunshine.

Tony and family

They joined us for a roast chicken meal before heading back to Edinburgh and a well merited rest.  In a good demonstration of smart technology, Tony was able to use Mrs Tootlepedal’s computer to make his TV set in Edinburgh record a programme that was on while we were eating and which they wanted to watch when they got home.

At some stage during the day, I took a picture by accident but I put it in here anyway as I thought it had quite a nice autumnal feel about it.


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3 thoughts on “More visitors

  1. Glad you managed the golf without too much grief. Loved the final autumnal picture and am very impressed with Tony’s technical prowess on the TV.

  2. Splendid photograph by Tash in Minorca, and I enjoyed the colourful flowers and family photograph at the end among others. Glad you managed golf, in spite of aches and pains!

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