The return of Granny

Today’s picture was sent to my sister Susan by a relative of a relative who had come across her family history site.  It shows our great uncle in a splendid motor.

The bishop in his car

I was in our rather less glamorous motor as we spent the best part of the day taking Granny to Warrington where she was picked up by Mrs Tootlepedal’s brother who took her back south.

The rendevous at the Holiday Inn by the motorway outside Warrington

Mike had taken on the lion’s share of the travelling as his journey was 340 miles while we had a mere 280 miles to go there and back.  You always take a chance on hitting a big traffic jam on a motorway and we were alarmed to see notices telling us to slow down to avoid debris on the road at one stage of the trip south. However, this was a false alarm as any debris must have been cleared away by the time we got to it and we had a smooth trip and made the meeting place with time to spare in spite of driving into a very strong wind all the way.  Mike had got there before us and after a cup of coffee, we waved goodbye to Granny and set off north again.

The journey back was even more uneventful, apart from a stop at Tebay for a sandwich and a visit to the farm shop to purchase interesting cheese.  The weather was mostly sunny and as far as driving up the M6 can be, it was an enjoyable day out,  the northern part of the road going through some beautiful countryside.

Before we set off, I had another look round the garden for survivors in the flower world.

In my recent  round up of clematis in the garden, I had completely overlooked the one in the back border and to my surprise I saw it was still blooming well today.

clematis back border

Mrs Tootlepedal has cleared a lot of the nicotiana away but there are still a few around in varying condition.


The white phlox had a very hard time of it, coming out in the worst of the wind and the rain, but this one is having a second go.


The weather has gone back to being very mild so it may well flower fully over the next few days.  I am not so sure that the rose next to it will manage but I am amazed that it is even trying.

rose potential

I was even more surprised to find a little foxglove on the go.


You couldn’t describe the garden as being a riot of colour at the moment but there are little bursts of colour about.


No bees about though on the sedum

The fuchsias have been hard hit and look very sorry for themselves.

fuchsia sad 1fuchsia sad 2

These fuchsias should survive another winter but Mrs Tootlepedal is contemplating literally burying the two fancy fuchsias which have done well in chimney pots over the summer to see if they will survive to flower another year.  This would save having to buy two new ones next year.

Before we took Granny off, I had a look to see if the birds were enjoying the sparkling new feeder I had put out yesterday evening.  There was not a bird on it though this greenfinch was enjoying the peanuts hanging below.


I had another look when we got back and there was still no sign of a bird on it and no sign that the seed had been eaten at all.  Perhaps the mellow weather has sent the goldfinches back into the country.  There was just a blue tit on the peanuts and it wouldn’t even pose for a proper picture.

shy blue tit

The weather forecast looks quite good for the rest of the week so I hope to get some cycling in.

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One thought on “The return of Granny

  1. Glad you had a smooth drive to Warrington and back.

    Hope the weather stays good and that you get lots of satisfactory cycling.

    Isn’t the bishop’s car splendid?

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