Wet walk

Today’s picture is another look at our resident robin…or it may be one  of a string of robins that visit us.  All robins look a bit the same to me.


It was another gloomy morning and the only colour came from the birds.

chaffinch on branch in rain

I think that the chaffinch gives an idea of the dampness of the day.  On the other hand it was quite reasonably warm again so I was interested to see if the rose had come out.  Not quite.

rose trying

We seem to have less sparrows about at present than we have been used to and this gives a chance for the tits to eat their fill.

Blue tit coal tit goldfinch
Here they are joined by a goldfinch

We were looking to get a flat screen telly for the B & B sitting room and the day was not much good for anything else so we set off for Carlisle.  Annoyingly, we hadn’t gone far from the town when it became apparent that this was one of the day when the bad weather started at Langholm and everywhere south was much better.  This is because we live among the first hills that the weather front meets as they come of the sea and is the price we pay for living in a beautiful,  green and temperate place.   I think it is a price worth paying but Mrs Tootlepedal is more ambivalent about it and occasionally longs for a place with warmer weather and a longer growing season.

When we got to Carlisle, we entered that vision of hell which is a supermarket and came out with no TV and a bag of potatoes.  This meant that we had to visit another supermarket and luckily in this one we found the TV we wanted and were able to make our escape  without further harm.  We recovered by visiting a garden centre and buying some bird food and a couple of interesting cheeses.  Not having to visit big supermarkets is one of the aspects of my life that I treasure the most.

We had noticed on our drive that the trees were looking good so after a slice of toast and a cup of tea, we walked down the River Esk to Skippers Bridge and back along the other bank, past the Murtholm and through the park.

It rained gently on us us as we went and it was very gloomy too but the old saying the the camera never lies, fortunately turned out to be a lie itself and I was able to take some pictures that, with the aid of my photo editor (Serif PhotoPlus X4), made the day look quite pleasant.

Warning for those not wanting to look at pictures of trees: there are 14 coming up.

From the Kirk Bridge
From the Kirk Bridge
Taken from beside the Dyehouse
From beside the Dyehouse

As we walked beside the rover, Mrs Tootlepedal pointed out this Japanese knotweed which is a great pest.  It destroys the banks of the river and is very hard to eradicate.

Japanese knotweed

The bank above the old railway line
The bank along the old railway line
Approaching Skippers Bridge
Approaching Skippers Bridge
Skippers Bridge
Mrs Tootlepedal on Skippers Bridge
The view north from Skippers
The view north from Skippers

I took the next picture as we turned for home. It shows Warbla with the television mast on top which beams Strictly Ballroom into our house and gives Mrs Tootlepedal great pleasure on a Saturday evening.



Looking back across the Esk from Murtholm
Looking back across the Esk from Murtholm
Across the Murtholm field
A blaze of colour among the evergreens across the Murtholm field
The beechy plains
The beechy plains
Easton's Walk
Mrs Tootlepedal thinks she has discovered where the rain is coming from
In Buccleuch Park
In the Buccleuch Park

By this time, I had got a raindrop on the lens which accounts for a blur here and there.

Buccleuch Park
A contrast in colour

I had received a kind invitation to go to a reunion of ex-pupils from Langholm Academy who are 40 this year so in the evening,  I left Mrs Tootlepedal watching her favourite programme and made my way up the the Golf Clubhouse where the function was being held.  There was an excellent turn out of teachers and pupils and I stayed for an hour or so, enjoying the company, a quiz and a buffet.  I made my way home before the disco started because I am a man of a nervous disposition and loud music of the early eighties might prove fatal to my well being.

It was very pleasant to see the ex pupils not only chatting animatedly to each other, greeting friends they might not have seen for many years as well as those they see every day, but also enjoying the company of their old teachers.


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