The yips

Today’s picture is of the view from the golf course at noon today.

view from golf course

As the picture shows, it was another grey day today but apart from a stiff breeze, it was pleasant enough for a game of golf.  Only one other fellow turned up to play and as he was a fit triathlete who likes to play quickly,  I knew that I was in for a hard time.  We played eighteen holes in two and a half hours and the effect of this was to give me the yips with my short game.  To be fair, I can get the yips at whatever speed I am playing but going too quickly these days makes them much more likely.

To those who have never heard of the yips, they go like this: you settle down to play a little chip or a putt, you are concentrating hard and you are thinking about controlling the club head speed in a calm manner when you suddenly notice that you have already played the shot and the club head speed was not in any way controlled.  On top of this, your hands may twist convulsively in mid stoke, resulting in the ball going in many odd directions, none of them ones that you wanted.  It is not a pretty sight.  I am so used to it by now that I hardly get cross any more but they do ruin your scorecard.  In between messing about round the greens, I hit quite a lot of good shots so that, although my score was pathetic,  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

When I got home, I found that Mrs Tootlepedal had gone shopping and bought a chicken so I got roast chicken, roast potatoes and beans for my lunch which quite removed any lingering regrets about my golf score.

I am going to try to take pictures of the different shapes and sizes of sparrows that visit us.  Here is short and stocky one with strong colouring.

short stocky sparrow

The greenfinches have returned to the garden.  I like their severe and grave manner.


The observant may have noticed that I have bought a new seed feeder. This will give me the opportunity to clean and rotate the feeders to try to avoid spreading diseases.

After giving the old one a wash, I hung it on the plum tree just to see if any different birds would go to it there.  The greenfinch just shifted feeders.

another greenfinch

While a goldfinch took its place on the new feeder.


The yellow rose still hasn’t come out but in a well sheltered spot, the red rose has made a better effort.

red rose

We are promised a spell of warm, if wet, weather so I haven’t given up hope for the yellow rose yet.

A Jacob’s ladder has also appeared.

After lunch, we went up to the moorland bird feeding station to see if we could spot a woodpecker but once again we had no luck.  There were plenty of other birds about.

great tit

coal tit
I like the way this one is enjoying a little sit down.

A phine pheasant with a tail.

As we left, we could see the sun breaking through the clouds for a moment further down the Tarras valley.

sun and clouds

That was the only glimpse of sun all day.

We called in at the Kilngreen to admire the 100 or so ducks that gather there.  I tried to catch a seagull in flight but I didn’t have the camera focus on the right setting and this was my best effort.


It wasn’t for lack of gulls flying about.

gulls flocking

I am hoping that the wind drops a little during next week as pedalling into 30 mph gusts is not much fun but the forecast doesn’t give me much hope.  We are going to get the clouds that have just poured snow onto the east coast of the USA.  It’s not going to snow here, as it is far too warm but it is going to rain and blow.

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