I’ll follow the sun

Today’s picture shows the yellow rose really trying hard to come out.


It was a grey, wet and windy morning and by mutual consent Dropscone and I abandoned any idea of cycling and substituted a cup of coffee with Arthur and some drop scones instead.  Mrs Tootlepedal braved the weather and combined a little exercise with a number of tasks about the town and in this way we passed the morning.

Dropscone entertained us at coffee with tales of his recent nightmare journey round the south eastern corner of the M25 when he got onto a triangle of motorway roads which would not let him get off them in the direction that he wanted to go.  It sounded like a vision of hell for the modern age.

After coffee, there were birds about.

slender robin
This robin seems more slender than our usual visitor.

This slenderness may be a trick of the camera angle or perhaps the spider’s web on its beak shows that it hasn’t been eating much lately.

great tit
There is something reminiscent of Audley Harrison in the size of this bird's feet.
sparrow and goldfinch
A sparrow keeping cool in the face of provocation
sparrow portrait
Today's sparrow portrait

This one has the same wing colouring as yesterday’s but a more marked colouring around the face.

After lunch, although it remained very grey, it became quite dry and as it was very warm for the time of year, I got the speedy bike out and did 21 miles over Callister and round the Waterbeck triangle.  It was rather windy and very gloomy so although I had the little camera with me, there was not much incentive to take a picture.  In the end, just for the sake of taking one, I took this shot of the road passing through some autumn scenery near Waterbeck.

near Waterbeck

Once again, the camera makes it look a much nicer day than it actually was.  Annoyingly, the sky to the west was far brighter while thick cloud loomed above me as I pedalled.  I took this shot looking back from the top of Callister towards Criffel.


It was almost a nice day.

When I got back home, I found Mrs Tootlepedal busy with the process of hand making flour from the harvest that had grown up under the bird feeder from discarded bird seed.  She uses a very high tech method of separating the wheat from the chaff.


It’s quite spectacular when she really gets going.

puffing hard

When the seed is thoroughly sorted, I will grind it in a hand driven coffee grinder and with a bit of luck, we will have enough flour to make a couple of drop scones.

The sunny weather finally reached Langholm but it was too late in the evening to be any good to our garden and the nearest we got to it was looking at its reflection in a neighbour’s wondows.

sunshine reflected

I hope there will be more to come tomorrow.

I put a week of the E&L into the database and I am now thoroughly up to date.  This is less a tribute to my hard work than to the fact that I have been getting help with input and some of the indexers have been on holiday.  Now the fishing season has ended, I expect Arthur will return to the fray with renewed vigour.

October has felt like a very wet and grey month and we won’t be sorry to see it go.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

3 thoughts on “I’ll follow the sun

  1. The reflection photo gives the idea of the sun finally showing up and waving goodbye at the end of a dreary day.

    I love the pictures of the birds. I need to try and include some on my own. Thank you. -Ron

  2. Back from Greece, i loved the trees and the sparrows on the blogs I had missed. The trees were as good as anything I saw in New England a couple or years ago!

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