Today’s picture shows almost the last of the Japanese anenomes which have done so well this year.


The new month started with a welcome change in the weather and Dropscone and I set off for our morning run with gladness in our hearts.  In an effort to keep away from hedge thorns and muddy roads, we went straight over Callister as far as the bridge at Paddockhole.

Dropscone at Paddockhole
Dropscone at Paddockhole

Although it was a quite dull out and back ride, I enjoyed it as much as any pedal I have had recently.  The relatively gentle wind helped a lot.  To go with our coffee, Dropscone had made some particularly fine girdle scones which made for a first rate morning all round.

The roses welcomed the warmer weather too.

yellow rose
I think this counts as out
red rose
Hanging on with a tear in its eye

The was a varied selection of birds about.

goldfinch in the sun

Has this goldfinch damaged its eye? It looks a bit odd.
chaffinch greenfinch
Crossed finches
chaffinch in the sun
A chaffinch in the sun

All the birds seemed to be enjoying a little sunshine.


A dunnock is today's sparrow

I made a vegetable  broth for lunch using a dried broth mixture which works quite well.  This made a welcome change from my usual lentil or leek and potato soups.  After lunch, I helped Mrs Tootlepedal tidy the front room until she felt that my looming presence was perhaps not contributing much to the task and I took the hint and left.  I thought that the good light was too good a chance to miss and took the camera up to the moorland feeder station in an another effort to capture a woodpecker.

I took a little camp stool so that I could sit patiently behind the screen and watch the show.  There was a good number of small birds whizzing around but no woodpeckers in sight so I shot what I could.

blue tit

coal tit
This coal tit has been ringed


Then I caught a glimpse of a woodpecker.  Unfortunately it flew to a tree behind another and I couldn’t focus on it before it and all the other birds took fright and flew off leaving me gently fuming.  I was encouraged by the sighting though and decided to sit a bit more to see if the birds returned.  Bit by bit, the feeders became busy again and then the woodpecker returned making an already good day even better.  I took a lot of shots and I have put a few here.

lesser spotted woodpecker

lesser spotted woodpecker

lesser spotted woodpecker

lesser spotted woodpecker

I went home by way of the Hollows, stopping to see what I could see.

Rider at Byreburn
I met this horse rider as I walked along the old A7 towards Byreburn

The River Esk at Byreburn

River Esk at Byreburn
The Esk where it meets the Byre Burn
The Old A7
Walking back to the car
The Old A7
It was a lovely afternoon
Hollows Bridge
A glimpse of Hollows Bridge

I got home to find that Mrs Tootlepedal had made a very good job of tidying the front room and made a small contribution to the work myself by binning a good deal of stuff of the sort that might one day be useful but probably never will be.  It certainly won’t be now.

The Sunday lunch chicken provided me with enough bits for a second night of chicken curry for my tea.  Yesterday I had made my own curry sauce but today, I made use of a prepared paste in a bottle.   Variety is the spice of life. Literally in this case.

In the evening, I went with Susan to play recorders in Carlisle and we had a particularly good evening’s playing.  This was in spite of Sue and Susan, who both are still gainfully employed, being rather tired from their day’s work.  It makes me very grateful to be able to be retired and in good health.

I count my blessings every day.


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8 thoughts on “Spotted

  1. I love seeing the countryside around there! Beautiful scenery! The roses look great and the birds seem happy! The woodpecker is quite striking!

  2. I am a daily blessing counter too.

    Wonderful woodpecker pictures, beautiful autumn scenery, one of your best blogs today.

  3. Just catching up after Mr Uhdd’s bike and bridge collision.
    So much to admire and comment on in that post, but I’ll just say I have anemone and lounge envy (if Mrs Toot keeps the lounge as tidy as the garden)

    1. I was sorry to hear of Mr Uhdd’s disaster. For some reason I am not getting your blog by e-mail and I missed the news.

  4. fantastic photos.. the autumn colours are beautiful.. the goldfinch does look like it has a dodgy eye.. they can survive with minor infections.. I’m sure a sparrowhawk will put it out of its misery if it becomes very unwell. may I pinch some of your feeding station photos for the facebook/website? the Great spotted woodpeckers have rings on too if you look closely.. got the male and female last week.. may help us identify new birds (i.e. with no rings)

    1. I meant to look and see if the woodpecker was ringed but I forgot. Of course you can use the photos.

  5. Thanks for the lovely autumn pictures today, the local scenery looks beautiful. It is also nice to see that you still have things growing in the garden, ours has been blasted by some hard frosts and the trees are completely bare. However the forecast today is for temperatures of 14C!

    1. The weather here is odd. It was a completely clear night last night which in November would normally mean a hard frost but it never got below 6C.

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