Home again

Today’s picture shows Mrs Tootlepedal’s mother having a little walk with her great grandson, Owen.

great granny

There was work to be done today with no time for cycling.  I went up to the Archive Centre to complete the printing out job for my correspondent which I had begun yesterday.  Also at the Centre was Nancy, one of the team of data miners who produce the data for the website.  Here she is in front of one of our microfiche readers.

Nancy at work

I posted off the pages and went back home to do a batch of shredding which I had promised to do while Mrs Tootlepedal was away.

Before shredding
It was not a huge pile

after shredding

I took a photo of a goldfinch because I liked the rather ghostly reflection behind it.  It looks like a male goldfinch to me by the way.


My next task was to water the gerbera.  I have managed not to kill it in Mrs Tootlepedal’s absence and I am very proud.


I also took a picture to record the ongoing work on the roof in her absence.

roof works

I can’t make any sense of it myself but the builders and the architect seem happy so I hope it is all right.

Then I made a welcome home loaf of bread and had my lunch.  After lunch it was my plan to kill two birds with one stone (inappropriate image of the year) and see a woodpecker on my way to pick up Mrs Tootlepedal.  I went up to the feeding station but it was blowing a gale and birds were rather scarce. especially woodpeckers.

There were some rather indistinct flocks of little birds battling against the wind (possibly chaffinches)
A couple of tits
A blue and a great tit anchor themselves to a swinging feeder
Mixed bag
Two greenfinches, a chaffinch and a tree sparrow
A female pheasant picking up fallen seeds

I waited forty minutes for a woodpecker in vain but then I had to go on to Carlisle.  I got there in time to do a bit of shopping and took this shot of Carlisle’s iconic old mill chimney, known as Dixon’s Lum, outside Lidl.

Dixon's Lum

Mrs Tootlepedal was on time to the minute and I was more than pleased to see her as she bustled off the train.

Off the train
She is the blur on the right (art photography!)

My flute pupil Luke came in the evening and once more showed what could be achieved by diligent practice.

After tea, I was just getting ready to sink into post prandial torpor when a phone call reminded me that I had promised to go to the AGM of the Langholm Initiative so I trotted off to the Buccleuch Centre to do my bit.  It was not the most exciting hour I have ever spent but I give great credit to the hard work put in  by the directors and staff of the Initiative in their efforts to benefit the town.

It’s grand to have Mrs Tootlepedal home and she has already started to clear up some of the terrible mess that I have let the house sink into during her absence.  She made me a nice cup of hot chocolate too.

As an aside, I notice that Sandy has produced a new edition for his blog.

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2 thoughts on “Home again

    1. The Archive Group has put on line a collection of over 4000 photos relating to Langholm but the work that Nancy is doing is creating a searchable index to articles about Langholm and the surrounding areas and the births, deaths and marriages column of our local paper, The Eskdale and Liddesdale Advertiser from its foundation in 1848 onwards. We are currently up to 1881. This is the data that I and others enter in the database. The newspaper index is useful to people researching their family history and the photographs are just interesting to look at. You can find the Archive Website by clicking on the Langholm Archives entry in the blogroll for this site. I would be interested to know what you think of the site as an outsider.

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