Resting now that I am old

Today’s picture is from New Zealand and shows my brother in some very late spring snow last month.  I hope it is some time before I can send him one back with snow here on it.


It was a gloomy day today with brisk winds and frequent rain.  The only saving grace was that it remained warm and is still at 11C  at ten o’clock in the evening as I am writing this.

Dropscone was off enjoying (?) a game of golf on the east coast so I took the chance to have a lie in and read a book.  This set the tone for the day and although I got up, I did nothing more energetic that get up and answer the door when my new printer was delivered.

I did look through the kitchen window.  The sparrows seem to have more or less given up on my feeders.  Perhaps other nearby houses have put out their winter feeders now with more delicious titbits in them.  This has left the coast clear for chaffinches and goldfinches.

chaffinch goldfinch

chaffinches two ways

It wasn’t really a day for photographs.  Even with the ISO set to 6400, you can see how slow my shutter speed had to be by the length of the rain drop in the picture above.  The camera makes it look it lighter than it was.

I had thought that the chaffinches didn’t like this feeder but now that the sparrows have sloped off, they are on it all the time. It must have been the sparrows that they didn’t like.

more chaffinches

We are still living off the party surplus and our meals are a strange mixture of ready made snacks, cakes of all descriptions and cheese on a variety of biscuits.  It is fun but unhealthy.

The birds outside the dining room window were much the same as usual too.  No winter visitors yet bar the goldfinches.

blue tit
Even the coal and great tits disappeared today leaving this blue tit.

There were plenty of goldfinches about.

goldfinches upstairs

My new printer/scanner/copier was very exciting to unwrap and nerve wracking to install.  Although I have installed many devices over the years, the possibility of making mistakes by not reading the manual properly before installing or pressing a button too quickly always makes it an exciting business.  The printer is wireless so that Mrs Tootlepedal can print out from her little netbook too if she wishes.  I am very ignorant about wireless networks so I was fearful that something would turn out to be be incompatible with something else but in the end, it was simple to set up and everything worked without a hitch.

This has freed up a whole table in the front room office.  Now we can heap stuff up on it from other corners of the house which we are going to put away somewhere else when we can think of where to put it.  However much we try to get everything in order, stuff always seems to overwhelm us.

I did spend a little useful time this afternoon giving advice to a friend who is thinking of setting up a web page for the local reference library.  The trouble was that he thinks that the web page will help people find out about the library while I think people will have to know about the library to find the web page. We are considering our options.

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