An older woman

Today’s picture shows Mrs Tootlepedal in the arms of her father.

Mrs Tootlepedal

It was her birthday today and she hasn’t changed a bit.  Unfortunately it was a dreadful day of rain and gales and not suitable for driving long distances, let alone cycling so a proposed jaunt was abandoned.

I made her a special plate of birthday porridge, paused to watch a few birds in action….

Action at the seed feeder
Chaffinch action at the seed feeder
Sparrows showing that they can get in a whirl too
Sparrows showing that they can get in a whirl too
Goldfinches at the niger seed
Goldfinches at the niger seed
greenfinches below, goldfinches above
Greenfinches below, goldfinches above
I was pleased to see the return of the greenfinches.
Sparrow going chaffinch coming
Sparrow going, chaffinch coming
sedate goldfinches
Sedate goldfinches. I like to think of these as two old birds shaking their heads at the impetuousness of youth.

…and then for a special treat I took Mrs Tootlepedal off for a visit to a municipal dump that we hadn’t visited before.  This one was in Carlisle and we were very impressed by the good organisation and the courtesy of the staff.  We also fitted in a visit to a coffee shop, a book shop, Marks and Spencers, an art supplies warehouse (to get some things for Jean) and an optician to hand in unwanted spectacles.  While we were in the coffee shop, we met one of the fellows who would have been cycling with me today if the weather had been reasonable.  He was very sad as he had had to swap cycling (good) for Christmas shopping (tedious).

Carlisle was in Christmas mode and looked pretty cheery in the terrible weather.

Fairground organ
This fairground organ was playing fit to bust
Fun for all ages

I was particularity taken by the stall selling traditional English Christmas food:

crepe stall

How times have changed.  Probably, in this case, for the better.

I like the modern tendency to use lots of little lights in street decorations.

light sculpture

We got home in plenty of time for Mrs Tootlepedal to watch Strictly Come Dancing on the telly.  This is her favourite programme and I enjoy it too.  I followed this by watching two episodes of The Killing, series 2, in Danish with subtitles.  This is my favourite programme so we were both happy.  I am trying to persuade Mrs Tootlepedal to knit me a Scandinavian type jumper for Christmas.

For some reason, the demand for fat balls has fallen off considerably among our bird visitors lately.  It saves me money but I would like more visitors.  The tit family are among my favourite birds to watch.  They are a bit scarce at the moment.

blue tit

A neighbour told me a day or two ago that her garden was full of coal tits just now.   These are our coal tits and I want them back.

I would like to say that the decision not to try to bicycle 70 miles today turned out to be a very sound one.  The wind isn’t set to drop much in the next few days so it is lucky that I am well up on my annual mileage.

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15 thoughts on “An older woman

  1. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Tootlepedal! I can imagine the conversation. “Happy Birthday, Dear. I have a special treat for you today – a trip to the municipal dump in Carlisle!”

    “Fabulous. Just fabulous.”

  2. Happy slightly belated birthday wishes to Mrs. Tootlepedal!
    I must say Carlisle looks very festive is spite of the dull, grey day.
    I was very disappointed on your behalf that the source of the mystery drip seems to have eluded the experts that you called in. We had a similar problem for many years in our house in Toronto. Whenever we had a storm with an easterly wind, water would get in over our patio door. It was so frustrating. We eventually sold the house so it is now someone else’s problem! Don’t recommend this solution in the case of Wauchope Cottage though!

  3. Sorry I missed Ally’s birthday and hope she enjoyed such treats as came her way.

    Also sorry about the birds, lack of, and the cycling, not happening. Hope better things come your way soon.

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