Seeing the Old Year Out

Today’s picture is from my recorder playing friend Sue’s holiday trip to the New World.  It shows the Biosphere in Montreal.  It looks a bit draughty to me. The last day of the year was very much in the style to which we have become accustomed.  It was gloomy and wet.  The cloud never liftedContinue reading “Seeing the Old Year Out”

Nothing doing

Today’s picture is a postcard sized embroidery on the theme of Guam which Mrs Tootlepedal has sewn as part of the Embroiderers’ Guild contribution to next year’s London Olympics. The weather continues in a miserable vein here.  It wasn’t too bad in the morning but as it was icy, I decided to wait until theContinue reading “Nothing doing”

Keeping my pecker up.

Today’s picture from my brother Andrew shows a bridge across the Otaki River in New Zealand.  It is not a bridge that I will be crossing under any circumstances. It was intermittently a better day today and at one stage, we even saw the sun.  It was still very windy and with the continual possibilityContinue reading “Keeping my pecker up.”

Top dog

Today’s picture comes from Bruce.  He took a picture of his terrier and it came out like this with (honestly) no editing.  I’ve heard of red eye but this is ridiculous. Although it was very windy when we got up, it wasn’t raining and the end wall didn’t require any mopping up which was aContinue reading “Top dog”

A moment of calm

Today’s picture shows a chaffinch in the plum tree at a rare moment when it wasn’t raining and the wind wasn’t blowing. This was too good to miss and so I gulped down a plate of cereal and, rudely leaving our guests to be entertained by Mrs Tootlepedal over their porridge,  I seized the momentContinue reading “A moment of calm”

Not much sign of the dawn yet

To cheer me up, today’s picture is another from the recent flooding in Nelson.  This one was taken by Mark. On top of these floods, they have just had another earthquake over there.  I am beginning to wonder why people keep telling me that I ought to go and visit New Zealand. I had toContinue reading “Not much sign of the dawn yet”

Actually the darkest hour was after the dawn

The weather may be a bit gloomy here but it’s nothing to what it was like in this picture sent to me by David from Nelson in New Zealand where it rained buckets and buckets. By sheer coincidence, both Mrs Tootlepedal and I woke up on the stroke of 5.20am, the exact moment of theContinue reading “Actually the darkest hour was after the dawn”

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