Still our end wall gently weeps

Today’s picture shows the water running down the inside wall of our fireplace this morning.


The leaking wall didn’t come as a surprise to us because it was blowing a gale and lashing with rain when we woke up. Fortunately the rain stopped and the wind eased off by coffee time although the window and wall continued to drip for several hours after the rain stopped.

Some idea of the conditions can be gained from a couple of pictures I took with the little camera when I went out to get a tin of soup for my lunch.

Wauchope running full
This is the Wauchope

I compared it with the picture I took last month when the chestnut tree was being felled.

then and now Wauchope
You can see the stump in both pictures

The Esk was running strongly too.

River Esk in flood

Surprisingly it was quite pleasant outside in spite of the strong wind as the temperature had risen since yesterday and the snow and ice had (temporarily at least) disappeared.

There were very few birds about not surprisingly although this chaffinch perched in the plum tree in the 40 mile an hour winds with no sign of discomfort.

Chaffinch in plum tree

We haven’t suffered any noticeable damage from the wind as yet but our son Tony rang up from Edinburgh in the early afternoon to say that things were definitely frightening up there.  Our other son, Alistair and his wife had left the worst of the gales in Glasgow for a short holiday in Inverness.   He may get gales there too.

As the winds dropped at lunchtime, the niger seed feeder had visitors.

Goldfinches and siskins
The usual crew

The tough conditions hadn’t led to any feelings of  shared hardship or brotherly love though.

Goldfinches scrapping

Goldfinch flying away
One got sickened and left
Goldfinch coming back again
Only to return with determination a minute or two later

I went up to have a look at Pool Corner and I put together a comparison picture for it too.

Pool Corner
Pool Corner in October and now

I realised that my little camera has a video capability so I took a very short video as the still picture doesn’t paint the whole picture.

In the afternoon I ventured out as far as the High Street and took another little video of the Esk as I went across it.

Neither walking nor cycling seemed to be a possible option so I just went home after my excursion to the shops.  Even in the garden we were quite wet.


The forecast tells us that the rain should be gone by tomorrow but that the temperatures will drop again so there is a good chance that Langholm will soon be a giant skating rink.  We are keeping our fingers crossed.

We had expected two B&B guests but they didn’t arrive.  Maybe the weather got the better of them but it would have been nice to know as Mrs Tootlepedal did a lot of work for no purpose.

Sandy, Jean and I were brave and went to the Archive Centre in the evening to do our usual work followed by the usual necessary refreshment.

Although Scotland was subject to severe winds that blew a school bus over and reached over 160mph in the mountains, in the end we got off lightly here in the deep south and for this, we are grateful.  Mind you, we have to get through the night before the winds are supposed to drop.

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18 thoughts on “Still our end wall gently weeps

  1. Glad to hear the bigger winds did not get to you. The streams remind me of flash floods that we get in our area when heavy rains come. Always enjoy your pictures of the birds. -Ron

  2. Goodness me the rivers are high, will they still be up there today?

    Loved all the birds but what bad luck with the water in the house you must be fed up.

    I hope you got through the night in one piece.

  3. Very sorry about continuing leak – most disappointing.
    Very dramatic river pictures and videos. Glad you escaped the very worst of the winds.

  4. omg loved looking at those bird photos…
    I wanna feed the wild sparrows too. Not sure what to feed them besides rice, though.

  5. Looks like you guys across the pond got a fair share of weather. Here in CA, we were getting hurricane force winds. It has done a lot of damage to arboretums and such near LA. We faired better where we are. Did we send you our leftovers, or did we recieve yours!

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