The calm after the storm

Today’s picture, sent to me by my daughter Annie, shows the London skyline at sunset. I think she said that it is Millbank  in which case it is home to, among others, the Ubuntu Project, a fine bunch of people.


We went to bed with dire warnings of frost and ice and woke up to a fairly pleasant day with occasional sleet showers.  One of these appeared at breakfast time so any idea of the morning pedal was abandoned.  In fact, we haven’t had a morning pedal for ages because of adverse weather conditions and I am beginning to seize up with lack of exercise.

This blue tit gives a nice impression of the chilly winter weather.

Dropscone came round for coffee and excelled himself by spotting a strange bird in the walnut tree.


We think, although it is hard to tell, that this may be the sparrow hawk that has been flying through the garden in recent days eyeing up our visitors.  I would have to be very lucky to get a good picture of it in action as it usually swoops in and swoops out again at speed.

What is noticeable is that the goldfinches retire to the very top of the walnut tree when it is about which seems odd to me.

There were plenty of goldfinches about today.

Dropscone told me that he was intending to visit the municipal dump in the afternoon and I was pleased to find him putting his time to such good use.

After coffee there was a moment of rain and wind free weather so I huddled on my cycling gear and got the slow bike out of the garage.  My plan was to go up and down the Wauchope road three miles at a time until it started raining and in the event, I got thirteen miles in before it started to rain, which was very welcome.   I took a picture of some relatively colourful cows on my way.

colourful cows

When I got back. I looked out of the window. Obviously the hawk threat had passed because there was a good deal of chaffinch activity…

diving in

flying in

ladies second

The skinny robin was in evidence too.  I took two pictures because its jaunty air appeals to me a lot.

robin on grass

robin on concrete

There is something forbiddingly gloomy about the male house sparrow.

House sparrow
That's how I feel when I think about media political journalists

The siskins cheer me up though with their graceful elegance.


The weather in the early afternoon was nice enough at moments to allow Mrs Tootlepedal to get back into the gardengardener

She was tending to some of next year’s wallflowers which had been battered by the gale.  I sawed some logs for the fire in the front room. We are trying to light it every day to dry up the fireplace.  The rest of the afternoon was unmemorable or I at least can’t remember it.  I must have looked out of the window once…

Blue tit and goldfinch
It was pretty soggy out there.

In the evening I made a lamb stew and put some of the parsnips I had bought at the producers’ market into the oven to roast.  They turned out well.

Later on, Sandy came round for a bit of archive business and then Mike and Alison appeared with a very nice bottle of French wine in their hand.  I enjoyed some fine playing with Alison, who was in good form, and then enjoyed the bulk of the bottle of wine as well (Mike drinks sparingly).  This may explain why I can’t remember what I was doing during the afternoon.

During the last few days, Mrs Tootlepedal has been making the most of the gloomy weather by making a patchwork cover for a footstool. The time was well spent in my opinion.


The brown patchwork squares are the remains of an old pair of my trousers.  Waste not want not is Mrs Tootlepedal’s motto.



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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

4 thoughts on “The calm after the storm

  1. What a wonderful piece of patchwork, Mrs Tootlepedal is soooo clever.

    I loved the robins, you can put them on the blog anytime.

    Glad you managed to fit in a bit of cycling to ease your skeletal system.

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