Quiet day

Today’s picture, sent to me by my brother Andrew to counter any bad publicity that the weather in New Zealand may have had on this blog, shows him having a cappuccino on Christmas Day.

Christmas in New Zealand

It was far from like that over here, though it was a very mild 10°C.  As this was accompanied by strong winds, ten tenths cloud and sporadic rain, it was lucky that we had stuff to occupy ourselves with indoors.

We got up reasonably early as some of the party were going to church.  They enjoyed the service, particularly as the minister managed to include the names of 27 football clubs in his sermon.

Once again the day was too dark for satisfactory bird photos so I contented myself with only the occasional glance out of the window.

siskin with sunflower seed
A siskin has it's Christmas dinner in the rain

There was a large gathering of chaffinches on the flat feeder.  It wasn’t nearly as nice as the camera makes it look.

chaffinches and goldfinch
There's a lone goldfinch in there too

Then they remembered that they hadn’t been to church and skittered off in a hurry.

chaffinches leaving

I can only imagine that we really are in for a mild winter because we are still very light on winter migrants.  A handful of siskins and goldfinches is all we have.

ruffled siskin
This siskin is getting ruffled in the stiff breeze

By the time we went in for our (late) Christmas lunch, this female siskin was the only bird visible.

female siskin

Courtesy of Mrs Tootlepedal, we had an excellent meal and then in traditional manner, we lay about on various chairs and sofas, groaning and watching old films on the telly.

In the early evening, I went for a wander round the town with our visitors just to shake the turkey down before we faced the Christmas pudding.  The town was very quiet but the Christmas lights in the High Street added a touch of gaiety to the scene.



After a very light snack for tea, we sat down to another round of “Oh Hell” and I graciously allowed the others to do better than me once again before everyone felt so sorry for me that they let me do a bit better in the last game.

We received an e-mail during the day showing the new elephant keeper at work.

Elephant keeper

We think it is in good hands.

I would like to end by hoping that all readers of the blog had a good Christmas too, if they celebrate Christmas, and to thank everyone who sent me good wishes.   May all your days grow longer and all your wishes come true.  (I am wishing for brighter conditions for snapping birds.)

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

10 thoughts on “Quiet day

  1. I would have enjoyed spending Christmas with Andrew. I wouldn’t have been a bother. I’d be laying on a beach towel.

    High Street is looking nice!

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