Sneaking out

Today’s picture, sent to me by my sister Susan and taken by my brother-in-law Huseyin, shows my great nephew Jamie. After yesterday’s treat from NZ, Susan thought that we ought to show a home grown nipper. Another cold day morning greeted us but the temperature is staying just above freezing so getting about is noContinue reading “Sneaking out”

Carlisle hospitality

Today’s picture comes from New Zealand after a request for something uplifting for the picture of the day.  This is Maisie, a rugby supporter of course and the proud owner of Jenny and David. It was another frosty morning so Dropscone and I settled for coffee which I enjoyed all the more because Time, theContinue reading “Carlisle hospitality”

Ring for the bill

Today’s picture shows a really welcoming green waste site visited by my brother.  It’s not easy being green. This morning, I got up promptly, ate some cereal and set off in the car to the Moorland bird feeders where Cat Barlow had told me that she would be netting birds for ringing again.  She wasContinue reading “Ring for the bill”

Mud, sweat and tears

Today’s picture is from the hills above Wellington, NZ.  Needless to say it was sent to me by my very vigorous brother Andrew. It was, as forecast, a sunny but below freezing start to the day.  Strangely, once again the pavements were ice free and I was able to go and get some milk fromContinue reading “Mud, sweat and tears”

A mixed day

Today’s picture is another from Alistair’s walk.  He included a necropolis in his itinerary. The first task of the day was to return the borrowed car to the garage.  On my way back, I called in on Dropscone who was eating his breakfast resplendent in a fine dressing gown and arranged to delay the usualContinue reading “A mixed day”

A grand day out

Today’s picture is another from my brother.  In contrast to yesterday’s hard won crow picture, he says these NZ native pigeons are so fat and lazy that they are easy to photograph. We were up early, getting ready to have a day out in Newcastle to celebrate our wedding anniversary of yesterday.  First the birdContinue reading “A grand day out”

Ankle resting

Today’s picture is of a blue mottled crow from New Zealand, sent to me by my brother Andrew who is indefatigably out and about. The blue wattled crow is a fine bird and a lot brighter than our weather was this morning.  The surrounding hills had a light covering of snow and the town wasContinue reading “Ankle resting”

A road less travelled

Today’s picture is another from Alistair’s walk yesterday.  It shows Glasgow Cathedral. It was another gloriously sunny day today but sadly for potential morning cyclists, the temperature was at zero.  Coffee and girdle scones with Dropscone had to fill the cycling gap.  There weren’t even many birds apart from chaffinches to look at.  This wasContinue reading “A road less travelled”