Over ambitious

Today’s picture of Mont St Michel comes from Dropscone’s recent holiday in France. There was still a marked absence of sun here today but Dropscone made a welcome re-appearance after breakfast, ready for the morning pedal.  We went round the usual route at a gentle pace as Dropscone has done very little cycling lately and Continue reading “Over ambitious”

Pedal, pedal, tootle

Today’s picture from my sister Mary in London shows a squirrel doing I am not quite sure what. It was another day of low cloud but, once again, warm and with light winds so ideal for a gentle therapeutic pedal.  Dropscone is back at home but was unavailable for pedalling pursuits so I went roundContinue reading “Pedal, pedal, tootle”

A strapping fellow

Dropscone has sent me today’s picture.  It was taken on his French holiday and shows the American Cemetery at Omaha Beach.  He advises me to think on this, get a sense of proportion and stop moaning about sore ankles.  Fair enough. I will moan about the weather though. It was another very cloudy, gloomy, dampContinue reading “A strapping fellow”

Two score

Today’s picture, from my daughter’s recent outing, shows a building in London known as the Shard.  She likes it.  She is in a minority. It was a mild, very cloudy, slightly damp day again today.  As I had offered to go and fill the feeders at the moorland feeder station, I was a bit disappointedContinue reading “Two score”

Twenty’s plenty

Today’s picture shows the comprehensive signposting which my daughter Annie encountered on a walk along part of the inner of two circular routes round London. The sun of yesterday had disappeared this morning and the crocuses had shut up shop again.  I was quite cheerful because it had stayed fairly warm (8°C) and it wasn’tContinue reading “Twenty’s plenty”

Battered sole

Today’s picture features Guthrie on his very first walkies.  He brought Bruce with him. Everyone in the town was pleased to see the sun back today after a very gloomy week.  I was considering doing some resting on my bike but the sun was accompanied by a vigorous and chilly wind so I decided thatContinue reading “Battered sole”

The life aquatic

Today’s picture from Susan from Seville shows workmen knocking oranges out of the roadside trees and sweeping them up for disposal.  It’s a marmalade maker’s nightmare.  They need clean pavements and safe roads though. It was far from sunny here today and for the third or fourth day running, the town was shrouded in lowContinue reading “The life aquatic”

This is getting boring

Today’s picture us from my sister Susan’s recent trip to Seville, home of the marmalade orange. It was a wild and stormy night so it was no surprise to find water coming through the end wall when we got up.  No surprise but annoying.  It was a dark and gloomy morning giving rise to someContinue reading “This is getting boring”

Tootle but no pedal

Today’s picture,  snapped over the fence by my sister Mary while walking,  shows some camel like creatures  in London Zoo. Another wet and windy day eased the pain of not being able to go out for a pedal.  It didn’t make for good light so I spent the morning once again immersed in the worldContinue reading “Tootle but no pedal”

The art of doing nothing perfected

In the absence of anyone sending pictures, I stole today’s picture from Gavin’s Blog.  It shows the River Esk where it meets the Solway Firth.  I hope he doesn’t mind. This was taken on one of Gavin’s weekly walks and I feel very envious of him just now as I am confined to barracks.  NotContinue reading “The art of doing nothing perfected”