Picture (but not perfect)

Today’s picture is another very round robin, seen late in the afternoon.  It’s been cold for days now and the birds are feeling it.

round robin

It was another in our succession of cold, frosty, sunlit mornings again today.  The only difference was that it was even colder than the last few days.  I spent the morning resting my ankle and waiting until the sun got into the garden.

The sun hadn't quite arrived when I took this brambling
sunny rook
But it was there at the other end of the garden for this rook.

Just as the sun arrived on the feeders, I had to go to visit the dentist.  This was a painless affair and I passed the checkup with only a minor rap on the knuckles for an insufficiently vigorous tooth brush technique.  I left smiling and returned to pick up the camera.

chaffinch and goldfinch

greenfinch and chaffinch
A chaffinch sneaks up behind a greenfinch
Greenfinch chaffinch
And now from the other side

The vast bulk of the birds are chaffinches but there is a little pocket of bramblings too.

bramblingsI am not sure what the bird with its back to us on the left is.  I thought it was a brambling at first but the colours don’t look quite right.  I am open to expert advice on that one.

There is the occasional sparrow too.

brambling sparrow

It won’t surprise you to learn that after lunch, we went for another walk, making the most of the benign weather.  In fact if I don’t get on the bike soon, I am going to change the blog name to Tootlewaddle’s blog.

We went up the Becks road, turning to admire the weak sunshine glistening on Warbla’s flank.

Warbla's flank

Then we plunged into the woods and went down to the little bridge across the Beck’s Burn built for the Langholm Walks Group  by John Murray.

A strangely curly tree among the straight conifers
A strangely curly tree among the straight conifers
Mrs Tootlepedal on the bridge
Mrs Tootlepedal on the bridge

Coming back out of the wood, we took the track along Meikleholm.  It was busy with walkers.

One man and his dog
One man and his dog

We could look back and see Warbla standing out very clearly as the colder weather meant that there was no mist today.


Looking north, the hills were clear of snow and there is no snow five miles to our south.  The wind was in the west when it snowed and had brought warmer air in from the Atlantic.  We were on the very edge where the warm and cold air met over the first hills on this side of the country and Langholm got most of the snow that was going round here.

In the evening, we went to see a film at the Buccleuch Centre.  It was an adaptation of a best selling book called ‘One Day’.  It was quite charming and nicely acted but somewhere in the transition from page to screen, all the narrative tension had drained away, along with any discernible reason for the film being made.  It had some very nice shots of Edinburgh in it and both the main characters were graduates of Edinburgh University which sets them among the elite and made Mrs Tootlepedal and me feel quite nostalgic.  It was hard to say whether the original book is no good (I haven’t read it), or  whether the film script and/or the realisation of it had let them all down. I don’t want to sound too grumpy about it because it was enjoyable in a very mild way….and only 300 yards from our door.

This was the first of four consecutive days of seeing shows for us so, in a way, it was quite good that it wasn’t so brilliant that the next three days would seem anti-climactic.

I have left this to the very end but I couldn’t stop myself taking yet another picture of one of my favourite bridges while we were out walking.

The Auld Stane Brig




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