Strictly fun

Today’s picture is a kea, a NZ alpine parrot from my brother’s album.

There wasn’t a lot of time for bird pictures this morning as we had to get ready for the 90 mile drive to Glasgow.  I was impressed by the siskins’ ability to monopolise the seed feeder.

four siskins

I stopped in Henry Street to buy a packet of sweeties for the journey and noticed the shop wagtail picking up crumbs put down by the kindly shopkeeper.  This is a very tame bird.


The weather was cloudy but dry and the drive to Glasgow turned out well.  We were off on our fourth consecutive day of fun.  This time we were going to see the touring show spun out from the Strictly Come Dancing TV programme.  This is a particular favourite of Mrs Tootlepedal and our elder son had given her two tickets to the show for her Christmas present (which was very kind of him as they don’t come cheap).

We were going to combine seeing the show with a visit to our younger son and his wife in Glasgow so we parked the car near their flat and walked down to the SECC.  On our way, we passed one of the many grand but slightly dilapidated buildings that characterise Glasgow.

Glasgow temple

It has a very elaborate frieze…


… which didn’t give us much clue as to the original purpose of the building.  It is a Hindu temple now which surprised us a bit.

We got to the SECC, which I had not visited before and found that the show had been set up in a huge shed.


They had managed to pack about 5000 people in by squeezing the seats rather closely together but the glitter of the set made all that fade into the background.


The show was very loud, very brassy and good fun.  I love watching ballroom dancing and my only disappointment was that in a two hour show there was only about 30 minutes of dancing.  The best dancer won to popular acclaim.

The winners chatting to the host for the evening.
The winners chatting to the host for the evening. Nice frocks.

There was any amount of razzamatazz and merry banter and I thought the whole thing was amazing in many different ways.

After the show, we walked back to Al and Clare’s flat and they introduced us to a little Greek restaurant nearby, where we had a good meal.  The two of them were looking very well and absurdly young.

Al and Clare

The drive home was a bit more stressful than the drive up, as the last half of it was done in quite thick fog which is always nerve wracking because our Kangoo, for all its other merits, doesn’t have any fog lights and its headlights are pathetic.  We got home safely though.

It was just an unfortunate set of circumstances that has led us to go out four days running and not any deliberate planning but in the end, the two concerts and the Strictly show were all very enjoyable and we have had a very good week.  We may have to lie down quite a lot next week though.

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9 thoughts on “Strictly fun

    1. It’s a small Renault commercial van made into a passenger car and is very good for putting two bicycles into without having to take the wheels off.

  1. Well done for ‘having fun’ in such a serious way!

    I am off to Seville myself on Monday for 3 nights.

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