Well timed

Today’s picture is a striking sculpture sent to me by my brother who was passing through Singapore on his way back to the UK.  He has a very fine gallery of pictures from there which you can see here if you wish.

singapore sculpture

It was another, frosty, sunny morning so once again outdoor cycling had to wait.  Mrs Tootlepedal put in her usual 40 minutes on the bike to nowhere indoors though while I idled about.  There was a bit of a shortage of birds today and I hadn’t taken any pictures by the time that I entertained Arthur and Dropscone to coffee.  When they left, I snatched a picture or two..

The sparrows like the fat balls most
The chaffinches like the sunflower seeds
A brambling waits

… before putting on the cycling gear and setting off round the morning run two and a half hours later than usual.  After five miles, I came up behind another elderly cyclist and discovered it was Nigel…


…a fellow retired teacher, enjoying the sunshine. Here he is coming the hill from the Canonbie bypass.  He was going the same way as me so we pedalled along together chatting away.    We covered seven miles until he turned off for home and left me to go on.  The sun went in soon afterwards and the wind began to get up but as I had fortunately chosen the right direction to cycle round the route, it was behind me and blew me home.

Mrs Tootlepedal had been busy in the garden while I was out and this little golden box bush…

box bush

..had magically moved about three feet nearer the lawn.  She has been very busy putting her collection of manure on the flower beds and generally tidying up.

By the time that I had had my lunch, checked my e-mails and had a shower, the weather had got very windy and gloomy and there no chance to take any more bird pictures.  I was pleased to have timed the cycle ride so well.  While I was having my lunch, I was so impressed by the state of my cheese box that I took a picture of it.


There is goat’s cheese, sheep’s cheese and cows cheese from England and Scotland and two sorts of Normandy cheeses courtesy of Dropscone’s recent holiday.  There should be enough there for a couple of days at least.

We have had a small group of men very busy with the telephone wires behind our house and I took this picture to show how important supervising is at every stage of the work.


Out in the garden, we were very excited to catch the first glimpse of a winter aconite.

winter aconite

Mrs Tootlepedal put in several of these some years ago but they have been very reluctant to flower and it is always a moment of celebration when one appears.

In the evening, I went with Susan to Carlisle to play recorder.  We were all present for the first time for a few weeks and we spent most of the evening sorting out a couple to pieces to play with harpsichord at a concert in May.  We had four pieces to choose from and after playing them all, we chose pieces by Bertali and Keller which combine being enjoyable to play with being enjoyable to listen to (we hope). These are not always the same thing.  There were excellent biscuits with our cup of tea after playing.

I did get one chance to catch a chaffinch flying which I took.

flying chaffinch

Bad weather is forecast so bicycling may have to take a break.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

13 thoughts on “Well timed

  1. Hi,
    I love the little sculpture so unusual they way it is made, I love it.

    Sounds like you had a very enjoyable bike ride, and good conversation as well.
    I had to laugh about the “supervises” we have them here in OZ as well. 😀

  2. I love those close-ups of the chaffinch.
    A request: could you ask Mrs Tootlepedal to come over and help me with the garden? It’s not that far away!

  3. Admired the final chaffinch and laughed at the picture of the workmen and your comment, so typical of how things seem to be done. Glad you put in a link to Andrew’s pictures, I enjoyed looking at them.

  4. I too want to thank you for the link. Tell Mrs. Toodlepedal that my Winter Aconites met their demise when a squirrel dug up the area of their blooms. I would have had 11 flowers but alas, 8 were broken off before they flowered. There is always next year!

  5. Tom, I think the supervisors picture is hilarious! BTW, My husband would love your cheese box. He always goes to the imported cheese counters (in the markets that have such a thing) and tries a sample of every kind! Their ploy works, as he comes home with at least two kinds, every time! ~ Lynda

    1. I forgot! Please tell Mrs. Toodlepedal that i received my “vintage” darning mushroom from Blyth Northumberland yesterday, and that I am excited to learn to use it. Glad you posted the picture of her darning socks. 🙂 ~L

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