What’s up Doc?

Today’s picture shows my favourite New Zealander learning to pull her socks up.  Because she lives at the bottom of the world, pulling your socks up means that they come off.

sock pulling

Another lovely day, another visit from Dropscone ready for the morning run.  The wind was in a slightly different direction and that combined with the sunshine, shot us round the 20 miles in an excellent time, fully five minutes faster than our last effort.  We sipped our coffee and nibbled our scones with a quiet air of contentment.

The siskins had gone off again and apart from an early morning brambling basking in the sun on the plum tree…


…chaffinches were the order of the day again.

chaffinch in sun and shade

Two other birds made an appearance but they were less welcome.


The pond is not really duck sized and as I feared for our tadpole population, I shooed the ducks off and back to the dam behind the house.

It didn’t take too long before a frog stuck its head above the parapet.

frog and spawn

Near the pond, the two miniature tulips opened their arms to embrace the morning sunlight.


And our small host of golden daffodils positively glowed.


I was able to resist the siren call of the lawn which was saying, “Mow me, mow me.”  The call may well be too strong tomorrow even if it is still too soon.  A fine day doesn’t really qualify as a fine day unless lawn mowing is involved.  I sieved another bucket of compost instead.  My policy is to try and sieve a bucket a day, weather permitting, until all last year’s green waste has been dealt with.

As the sun moved round, it became possible to get a really well lit shot of a chaffinch approaching the feeder.


The inside of the wing looks almost as though it is made from silk.

Among the chaffinches, I caught a glimpse of a coal tit flitting about.  I tried to catch it feeding but it was too quick for me and flew away.

coal tit escaping

It was in a very jumpy mood and I caught it once again in the air because it wouldn’t stand still.

coal tit flying

This does mean that we have been visited by blue tits, great tits and a coal tit in recent days after a long period when the tit family was completely absent and I hope it also means that I will get more chances to photograph them soon.

I was a bit tired after the speedy morning pedal so I failed to summon up the energy to go for a walk with the camera after lunch and found some things to do indoors instead.

I did notice a greenfinch doing some afternoon sun bathing.


Then I went off to see the doctor.  I was very pleased to find that my chest x-ray had proved all clear and I got a very cheerful prognosis regarding my general health.  The medicine for the aches and pains should work well and I should be recovered from my recent dull spell in a few weeks.  I look forward to it.

In the evening, I went with Jean and Sandy to the Archive Centre, where useful work was done and subsequently to the Douglas Hotel, where moderate drinking took place in a responsible manner.  This involved ginger beer.

Today’s chaffinch is, not surprisingly, a chaffinch.

flying chaffinch

(The trouble with sunny weather is that Mrs Tootlepedal works away in the garden and the birds are more flighty and harder to catch.  The weather is worth it though.)

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

14 thoughts on “What’s up Doc?

  1. I’m glad to hear your health is improving – you are far more active than I am and I’m only a relative youngster – hehe!
    Oh and great post as always.

  2. Excellent fun all the way around. Sunshine has a way of bringing out the best in everyone. So does a bright-eyed little New Zealander with a lovely smile for her favorite Scots.

  3. Very lovely post! I especially liked the frog and the last photo of the “non” chaffinch. Capturing the business of birds is very challenging, I’m sure. What type of camera are you using?

  4. So glad the visit to ther doctor was an optimistic one and that you did such a successful bike ride. Well done for catching those 2 fleeting pictures of the coal tit too.

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