A day of many rests

Today’s picture was sent to me by my son Tony just to show what a nice day it was in Edinburgh today. Any advertising is entirely coincidental. They all got sunburnt.

Painters painting

We had another uncommonly warm and sunny day here again today after a chilly start. It is rather weird to have midsummer temperatures when there are no leaves on the trees. I saw several butterflies which is unheard of in March. I don’t know what they will find to feed on.



Dropscone also appeared and we whizzed round the morning run in our fastest time of the year. This whizzing may have been a bit too whizzy for me as I was absolutely jiggered for the rest of the day and frequently had to interrupt whatever I was doing to have a little sit down and rest. I have been able to bicycle every day for the last ten days so perhaps I am getting a message to slow the pace down a bit and allow for some recovery.

Anyway, the frequent rest breaks gave me plenty of time to admire Mrs Tootlepedal’s hard work in the garden. She did a power of work cleaning up the surrounds of the pond.


She stabilised this big dated stone which was in danger of collapsing into the pond. Our house was owned by a stone mason at one time and we have a few of these dated stones about. We wonder if they came from the big mill across the road when it was demolished. A new extension to the mill was built in 1866/7 so it would fit.

Owing to the continuous gardening, the few birds that there are left were keeping away from the feeders and there was little opportunity to catch them in flight.

I saw a starling gleaming in the sun on a wire.

They are the shiniest birds I know.

There were no new flowers to see either but the grape hyacinths are coming along well.

grape hyacinth

After lunch I went out for a very gentle walk to see if I could find a bird or two by the river.

oyster catchers
Two oyster catchers demonstrate the legs up and legs down method of post perching.

There was not much to be seen there so I took a few shots of the streets in the beautiful weather. It’s a trite thing to say but it is amazing what the eye ignores when it looks at a scene and what the camera cannot ignore. There is a vast amount of poles and signs all over Langholm.

The Wauchope and Caroline Street
The Wauchope and Caroline Street
Elizabeth Street with blossom
Elizabeth Street with blossom
The western approach to the town from Pool Corner
The western approach to the town from Pool Corner
Caroline Street with the golf course and the monument in the background on Whita Hill
Caroline Street with the golf course and the monument in the background on Whita Hill

Although the Esk is running low because of the lack of rain, the water is still very clear.


I took this peaceful reflection in the Wauchope at Pool Corner.

Wauchope at Pool Corner

It was a lovely day for a walk in spite of the absence of exciting birds to snap. I found a somnolent slow worm instead.

slow worm

When I got home, I had just enough energy to sieve a small bucket of compost and then I required a good sit down. Luckily Mrs Tootlepedal had stopped gardening long enough to make a batch of scones so I was able to refuel.

I came out into the garden to sit down and admire Mrs Tootlepedal who was still hard at work until my eye was distracted by the insistent calling of this little bird.

bird in a bush

It turned out to be a blackbird when it emerged onto the hedge. It looks like a young one to me but Mrs Tootlepedal thought it was a standard female.


Having done a bit of research, I think Mrs Tootlepedal is right.

Two birds were to be seen in the shelter of shrubs.

A female sparrow
A male chaffinch
A male chaffinch

I should have gone to Carlisle in the evening to play recorder but Susan had been away in York on business and couldn’t get back in time and I felt just too tired to think that I could drive safely by myself so I rang Jenny and called off. This is a very rare occurrence as I thoroughly enjoy our weekly session and do my best not to miss it..

Mrs Tootlepedal went off to see the Wizard of Oz and I had a quiet night in.

So in the end it was a mixed day. The cycle ride round the morning run was great (as were Dropscone’s scones as usual), the weather was fantastic, the bird life was minimal and the recorder playing non existent. In the great ledger of life it went down as just breaking even.

I did manage to catch one flying chaffinch late in the day when the light was beginning to go so today’s chaffinch is a chaffinch.

flying chaffinch

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14 thoughts on “A day of many rests

  1. A day in the life … There was recently a movie made by Ron Howard about the day in the life of the earth. People were encouraged to submit movies and photos of a day in their life. Reading yours today I saw many similarities and many unique differences. Your description of the strange spring weather is similar to ours but your village and lifestyle is still so foreign to my daily life. I so enjoy your blog!

    1. Never call Langholm a village! It may have the population of a village but it has the heart and importance of a town and even more importantly, it has a charter from the 17th Century to prove it. I am glad you enjoy the blog. I certainly enjoy writing it.

      1. And right you are. Following your blog there is more life in “Muckle Toon” than in many a far larger community. Feel very sorry to have missed it on my Scotland trips. Thanks for filling the gap, Tom.

  2. The lighting and shadows are outstanding in your female sparrow photograph. Thank you for the tour of Langholm I always enjoy your trips about town and country. ~ Lynda

  3. Sorry you were so knocked out and hope today, after a bit of a rest, you well feel more energetic. Anyway we got to look at some splendid picutres as a result.

  4. Lovely photos and, yes, that’s an adult female blackbird – with her head feathers standing on end while she’s trying to attract attention! 🙂

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