Doctor’s orders

During the dry weather there has been a lot of heather burning on the hills and today’s picture was taken by my recorder playing friend Susan on one of her walks.

Ewes valley

Oh horror! Today dawned with the town covered in a thick mist and the natives could be seen wandering around pathetically crying, “Who has stolen the sun?”  Fortunately by coffee time, the mist had burned off and we had yet another lovely day to enjoy.

While it was still misty, I went up to the health centre to see my doctor and her advice, on hearing that fairly energetic cycling on the day after I had taken my new medicine had made me feel very tired, was for me not to do too much energetic cycling, especially on the day after I have taken my new medicine.  It is reassuring to see that all those years of training have paid off.  Apart from that I was given the OK and returned home in good spirits.

Dropscone had sneakily gone out for the morning pedal alone while I was at the doctor and had done an extra hard section too but he made amends by bringing round some of his treacle scones to have with our coffee.  He told me that he would sue me if I mentioned that these, although still delicious, were not quite up to his usual standard so I won’t say a word.

The misty weather had brought the birds back to the garden in force and there was a wide selection to see throughout the day, starting with a rook.

one rook
One rook
two ducks
Two ducks
three starlings
Three starlings

four goldfinches
Four goldfinches
five mixed finches
Five mixed finches

..and a partridge in a pear tree.  (I made that one up.)

As I was taking the doctor’s words to heart and not cycling in spite of the glorious weather, I had plenty of time to watch them.  I also had time to finish the sieving of the compost in one bay and to start the transfer of the next oldest heap into the now empty space.  I did this in very easy stages with a good rest in between every small effort.  I was proud of myself.

Mrs Tootlepedal meanwhile was her usual active self around the garden.  The chief task of the day was to treat the front gates.

front gates
Her capacity for crouching is remarkable.

I used some of the sieved compost to try to level up the new part of the middle lawn, which in spite of our best tramping endeavours when we seeded it, is far from the same level as the existing grass.  It will be interesting, at least to me, to see whether we can get it all level with repeated applications of small amounts of compost from time to time.

The rather flat light at the beginning of the day turned out to be good for taking pictures of flowers…

A wallflower in the front bed.
An infant bergenia

…and quite good for chaffinches too, with no distracting shadows.


There was a full avian palette today with visits from a single siskin..



…and a brambling.


There are hordes of blackbirds about and this one was making himself look assertive on the flat feeder.


I was quite unsympathetic towards the ducks and hassled them until they left the garden and went back to the dam behind the house.  While I was shooing them along, I noticed this charming flower, a vinca major, just peeping through the bridge railings.

vinca major

The weather is due to cool down a lot and whether any more plants will come out over the next week or so is a moot point.  I will keep an eye out.

All in all, I spent a very pleasant day, pottering about inside the house and out in the garden, doing a crossword here and a garden task there, mowing an occasional lawn, drinking a cup of tea and all at my own speed.  I hope this restful behaviour will let me get out for a decent pedal tomorrow.

Equalling my peaceful demeanour was this frog…


…which spent the best part of the afternoon absolutely still, resting its chin on the top of the water.

I was sitting out under the walnut tree and admiring Mrs Tootlepedal’s industry when I noticed that there were a lot of insects about on the box bush nest to me.


I don’t know if there was some sap on the leaves that attracted them.  Sitting there also gave me a different view of the seed feeder outside the kitchen window.

chaffinches and greenfinches
Chaffinches and greenfinches

By the end of the afternoon the gates were looking very tidy indeed.

closed gates

A very pleasant, peaceful day was brought to a satisfactory end when I took the chance of watching Glasgow play Cardiff at rugby on the telly.  It was an entertaining match and as Glasgow won handsomely, all was very well.  (Warning of curmudgeonly remark coming up.) An additional benefit for us is that the commentary is in Gaelic so I can’t understand a word of it.  This is much better than trying to make sense of what a sports commentator is saying when he tries to talk English.

While I was doing this, Mrs Tootlepedal was using her new walking foot to do some quilting.  Two happy people.

I was spoiled for choice today but in the end, today’s chaffinch turned out to be yet another chaffinch.




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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

7 thoughts on “Doctor’s orders

  1. Dunno . . . I’d have been tempted to give the nod to the imperious chaffinch from the Five Mixed Finches ensemble. He is wonderfully haughty.

    Mrs. T. continues to astonish me and make me ashamed of my slothful self. This is a good thing. A good post, too.

  2. Glad you had a successful visit to the doctor and that you enjoyed your day despite no cycling. Loved the bird count at the beginning of the blog and all the flower pictures.

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