Team effort

Today’s picture, sent by Dropscone who was golfing at Innerleithen, shows what I think is a common newt, though my guide to newts says that the common newt is far from common any more. Because Dropscone was off golfing, I gave the morning ride a miss and devoted myself to useful tasks (after a leisurelyContinue reading “Team effort”

Minute improvement

Today’s picture shows the first wallflower to raise its head for this year. It was another grey, windy day but once again Dropscone arrived promptly for the morning pedal and we made it round without any unusual excitement and pleasingly, in a minute less than we did yesterday.  Any improvement is welcome.  There were noContinue reading “Minute improvement”

A sense of normality undermined by treacle

Today’s picture features a London bridge (not the London Bridge) from one of my sister Mary’ s walks round Kenwood. The powers that be, having held a conference, decided that they didn’t want to spoil us with too much sun and put it away for the day.  They sent a little wind to liven usContinue reading “A sense of normality undermined by treacle”

A spring in my step

Today’s picture is a magnificent magnolia in front of Kenwood House, London.  It was sent by my sister Mary who took it on a walk on a rather gloomy morning. We were greeted here by the second sunny day running and our hearts were lifted as spring was in the air all around.   There wasContinue reading “A spring in my step”

Dropscone drops scones, drops in

Today’s picture from Dropscone’s recent French holiday shows some of the remains of Mulberry harbour which was towed across the channel for the D Day landings. The weather here, fed up with being grey and dreary, leapt into action with additional rain and wind so it was wet, windy and grey and dreary today.  IContinue reading “Dropscone drops scones, drops in”

A gentler day

Today’s picture,  from my sister Susan who is visiting Cyprus, shows the sunset in Limassol.  She only sent it to annoy us, as we have not seen any sun for days here. Another grey day, with cloud shrouding the tops of our hills, proved an adequate incentive not to go rushing out on the bikeContinue reading “A gentler day”

A full day of fun

Today’s picture, taken at my 70th birthday party last year by my stepmother Pat, shows those two most regular commentators, my sisters Susan and Mary. Thanks to a slight deviation in the jetstream, the weather has been unusually stable over the past few days, reasonably warm for the time of year (40°F to 50°F), reasonablyContinue reading “A full day of fun”

A bird in the hand

Today’s picture is from Susan’s F1 adventures and shows a fine mosque in Abu Dhabi.  The season starts again next week so she is getting quite excited.  She will be going to foreign parts again this year. The steroids gave me a better night’s sleep and I was up early to see what Cat couldContinue reading “A bird in the hand”

Oh bother

Today’s picture shows a small painting job my son Tony and his gang are doing.  They needed brushes with very long handles! Still no cycling today but the tedium was beguiled by a visit to the hospital in Carlisle instead in search of medical wisdom on the subject of aches and pains.  It was anContinue reading “Oh bother”

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