Return to the scene of the crime

Today’s picture is another from my sister Mary’s recent trip to Wales.

view from the other side of the train

It was another pretty good day today with just a spot of rain.  Our B and B visitors told us that they had driven through some terrible rain showers to get here so for once we can’t complain about getting more rain than everyone else.

It was another day of rest for me today in spite of it being very passable cycling weather.  I am trying to cut down my already diminished cycling mileage until my joints stop aching.  The trouble is that stopping cycling doesn’t stop them aching and it is hard to tell whether not cycling is making them seize up or having done too much cycling in the first place is the root of the problem.  Still, I have got another day off the bike tomorrow so I’ll see how I feel after that.

All this down time is giving me plenty of opportunities to use the new lens and I went up to the town to get a new battery for the remote and it works well now. I also took the opportunity to collect a photograph that I have had properly mounted by an artist in the town who does such things.  This is the first photograph I have ever had mounted and it looks very smart.

I used the remote control to take this picture of a greenfinch being shadowed by a siskin.


It certainly lets you take strong images but because it is a long lens, it lets less light in and that forces me to use a wider aperture than I would like which in turn makes it harder to get good field of focus unless the light is very good.  It is easy to get shots where the beak of a bird is in focus but the tail is a blur. I’ll keep working at it.

Tulips with the old lens are an easier undertaking.  All these had drops of the overnight rain on them.

My favourite colour of the moment.
tulip yellow
A little floral sunshine
flash tulip
This one is playing a good hand

I was pleased to see the return of a redpoll.  This one was very unconcerned by a set of squabbling siskins beside it.

redpoll and siskins

I ventured out of the house to look down the dam where the potentillas are promising another good show of flowers to go with the aubretia.


Back in the garden, a siskin on the plum tree caught my eye.

siskin in plum tree

And the blackbird was busy collecting worms and flying to its nest.


Mrs Tootlepedal had a busy day with one set of guests going and another coming so she cheered herself up with a visit to the council dump in between with a good carful of rubbish.  She enjoys nothing more.

When she came back, I planted half a dozen potatoes in two potato sacks.  This is the first time that we have tried growing potatoes in containers and it will be interesting to see if they can do well and have no slugs in them.  Mrs Tootlepedal is planting many more of the same type in a normal bed so we will have a good comparison at digging up time.

Then I went for a short walk but saw very little owing to enthusiastic children having fun throwing stones into the river and shouting with glee and enthusiastic dog owners throwing tennis balls for their dogs to chase and shouting for them to come back again.

I did see a male goosander near the town bridge but by the time I had got the camera out, it had spotted food.

goosander diving

Near the end of my walk I saw the female on top of the water.

female goosander
It is interesting to consider the evolutionary process that led to that haircut.

In the early evening, I was visited by Sandy, who came to offer me some sound advice on pictures for our forthcoming exhibition.  It is great to know someone who is prepared to be so helpful.  I went to the front door with him as he left and then had to rush off unceremoniously to get the camera and nip upstairs to get photographs of a hardened criminal at work.

return of the heron
The frog spotter at work
return of the heron
Hm, what's down this end?

It gently tested the water.

testing the water

Then it stepped in to the pond and stood for sometime looking for prey without success…

in the pond

Finally it made up its mind and set off briskly for the bridge again.

stepping out

At this point, Mrs Tootlepedal’s sympathy for the possible froggy victim overcame my enthusiasm for dramatic pictures of hunter and hunted and she went down and shooed the heron away.

departing heron

Not only did I not I get a picture of the conclusion of the hunt but I didn’t even have the camera set to catch a good picture of the getaway.

In the evening I took resting to a new level by sitting and watching two hours of the latest Scandinavian crime import on the telly.  This is a Swedish/Danish co-production called The Bridge and by the end of the two hours I was enjoying it thoroughly.

Today’s chaffinch is a goldfinch.





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11 thoughts on “Return to the scene of the crime

  1. There are so many criminals targeting your pond you should maybe think about setting up a “Neighborhood Pond Watch” scheme with the local police. That would deter the Ducks and Herons.

  2. So sorry asbout your joints, what a nuisance not knowing what is what. Loved the pictures of the stalking heron and the siskin on a branch at the beginning of the blog. Glad you are pleased with your mounted photograph.

  3. The heron marching along is priceless. I’ve grown quite fond of him. Wonder if we could convert him to vegetarianism.

    I am sorry about your joints. My are twinging in sympathy. I have a theory that it’s related to spring allergies. (I have many theories.)

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