Today’s picture is a parakeet from my daughter’s garden in London.  She says that they are very noisy.


Another hot, sunny day in the south led us to have a second go at visiting Glastonbury Tor.  Once again the official car park remained elusive but we found a space in a building lot and set off up the 500 ft high hill.  In the end, the steepness proved too much for my vertigo and I left the ladies to go higher while I circumnavigated the hill at a lower level.

Even at the level I walked, there were splendid views in all directions.

glastonbury Tor



Strange people appeared at the summit of the hill looking down at me.

ladies on Tor

There were other things on the hill to watch as well.


Annie took this picture of Mrs Tootlepedal admiring the tower.

the tower on the tor

I took this picture of a fine pair of hats on a bench after the descent of the climbers from the summit.

hats on tor

They were waiting for me while I investigated a bird which was flitting about in the grass.

Surprisingly, it turned out to be a woodpecker.

We left the Tor and went into the town where we enjoyed a vegetarian lunch before visiting the ruins of the Abbey.

It must have been enormous when it was all there.

This building was the Abbot’s kitchen.  Not the Abbey’s kitchen…just the Abbot’s.  Lucky man.

abbot's kitchen

A view of our morning walk from the abbey grounds.

A big fish in a small pond.


This was Annie’s view of the same giant.

It was strange. Little fish swam about while the bigger ones stuck their snouts up through the weed.

The oldest part of the abbey.


I had an opportunity to see some unusual birds as a birds of prey centre had a tent in the grounds.

birds of prey
They sat so still that they looked like statues.

But they were alive and flapping.

bird of prey

We left the Abbey and Glastonbury behind and headed for a nearby National Trust garden.  It is called Lytes Cary and is attached to a charming small manor house.

They were big on topiary
There was a beautiful flower border too.

the house

old folk
Old people resting (Annie’s photo)
Annie resting
Front of house
The house

We had a look round inside the house.  I thought that it was rather dark and gloomy but the hall had a wonderful ceiling.


There was a cafe too and so we were able to discharge the most important duty of a day out by taking a cup of tea and a slice of cake.  While we did so, swallows whizzed by our heads into the loft of the barn where we were sitting.


Then it was time to make for home (along the Fosse way, an old Roman road, for some of the way) and a good sit down after quite a heavy day on the feet.

We ate in and snoozed gently for the rest of the evening.

The chaffinch of the day is the woodpecker from Glastonbury.



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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

8 thoughts on “Tor-ists

  1. Well, that was a real deja vue tour for me, as I have a friend in Glastonbury and have climbed the Tor and only last week visited the scenic Lytes Cary. Glad you had excellent weather. Your photographs are much better than mine!

  2. Those straight up stairs will get you every time! We have some ancient Indian mounds here in central Alabama and the stairs up to the top are a killer. Though not even a fraction of the height of Glastonbury Tor, it is nearly straight up, and made me sit and rest a couple of times.
    Your photographs are lovely! ~ Lynda

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