Rather wasted day

Today’s picture shows the reconstruction of the Globe Theatre on the south bank of the Thames.  It comes from my sister Mary. It was a day that was never quite sure of what it was going to do.   As a result, I was never quite sure of what I was going to do either.  Continue reading “Rather wasted day”

Hard to swallow

Today’s picture, from one of my sister Mary’s walks, shows the Olympic rings on Tower bridge in London. It was another wet morning and my joints were sore anyway so I wasn’t too upset at not going on the morning cycle ride.   Mrs Tootlepedal had said that she would use the top dressing that weContinue reading “Hard to swallow”

Apres moi le deluge

Today’s picture in the midst of our gloomy weather is another ray of sunshine from Sue’s Greek Island hols. The picture gives a flavour of the morning pedal as I puff along behind Dropscone before he shoots off.  Today, I did my now customary ten miles while he went round a hilly 26 mile circuitContinue reading “Apres moi le deluge”


Today’s picture is another from my brother’s recent walk on the Staffordshire/Derbyshire border.  It shows a gate for very thin people or perhaps, one legged walkers.. It wasn’t a good day for a walk here or a pedal for that matter as it was raining lightly and steadily when we woke up.  On the plusContinue reading “Unhelpful”

Wide blue yonder

Today’s picture is from my recorder playing friend Sue’s holiday on a  Greek island.  Looks quite nice there. It was almost as sunny there as it was in Langholm this morning and I had taken several photos before Dropscone and I set out for the customary pedal. A frog was already sunbathing. I like theContinue reading “Wide blue yonder”

New bird

Today’s picture shows a Bonnie Langholm hanging basket.  It will develop more flowers as time goes by. I decided to let Dropscone pedal on his own today from a combination of business to do and joints to rest.  While he was out pedalling, I went up to fill up the feeders at the Moorland FeedingContinue reading “New bird”

New balls

Today’s picture shows Dropscone with two club-mates, Stewart and George, representing the Langholm Golf Club in a charity fourball at Southerness today.  Presumably the fourth member is taking the picture. In the end, we have passed through the forecast rain and gales of the last few days without getting too much of either and theContinue reading “New balls”

Just a drop

Today’s picture is of a stile crossed by my brother Andrew when he came to it. It was another dark, dank day today with rain either coming down, just having stopped coming down or just being about to start coming down.  As a result I took the idea of resting to rather extreme lengths andContinue reading “Just a drop”

Better than it might have been

Today’s picture shows the closest that the Olympic torch got to us.  It was taken yesterday in Gretna by Bruce and the torch bearer is an ex-pupil of his. We were promised rain today and we got rain so once again the morning pedal was abandoned but consolation was at hand in the form ofContinue reading “Better than it might have been”


Today’s picture is an ox eye daisy from the garden.  It was the nearest thing to a glimpse of the sun here on this mid summer day. Dropscone was away on family business and the weather was gloomy in the extreme so I sensibly decided not to go for a pedal and walked up toContinue reading “Unsprung”

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