Flaming June

Today’s picture is the moon when I went to bed last night.

moon June 3rd

In spite of the very clear night, it wasn’t too cold when we woke up and our visiting cyclist was able to look forward to a kinder day in the saddle than yesterday.  It was even nice enough for me to get out the slow bike and pedal gently along the Wauchope road and back for a ten mile trip before a cup of coffee.  The pedal in the sunshine lifted my spirits a great deal.

Mrs Tootlepedal was in the garden when I left for my pedal and she was still there when I got back.  In fact until about four o’clock in the afternoon, she spent the whole day gardening with short breaks for coffee and lunch.  She was a happy person too.

I had to go and get a blood test after coffee so I didn’t get much opportunity to take pictures in the morning except for a quick shot of a luxuriant honeysuckle in our hedge.

Since it is on the road side of the hedge, passers by get more benefit from it than we do.

After lunch I had a little nap and then I wheeled out the slow bike again, packed the camera in the boot and set off round the Castleholm to see what I could see.  I found this plump oyster catcher on the beach under the Sawmill Bridge.

oyster catcher

I couldn’t help but notice this blazing azalea among the wild flowers as I pedalled up the Lodge Walks.


I enjoyed this bucolic scene.

cattle on the Castleholm

I caught a glimpse of a shy figure on the riverside path.


I was absolutely baffled by a contraption on the cricket pitch.  Were they filming? Was it an alien?

cricket pitch

It turned out to be a bowling machine.   I think that the hoods were up to ward off the midgies.

When I got home, I had a pause to watch the birds.  There were plenty flying about




birds flying

Then I took my courage in both hands and put moss killer on the front lawn.  There is so much moss there that I might end up with no no moss and no lawn either but I am keeping my fingers crossed.

I needed a sit down after the excitement so I watched the birds for a while.  It was a parent and child day now.



Though there were stills birds flying about.


Then it was time for Luke’s flute lesson.  He continues to makes steady progress and really enjoys playing which is very satisfactory.

I had found out during the day that a beacon was to be lit on Warbla Hill as part of the jubilee celebrations.   Now I might not care about the jubilee very much but I love a good bonfire so Mrs Tootlepedal and I set out to walk the mile to the top of the hill at half past nine.  We were blest by an outstandingly gorgeous light.  This is the monument as we went along Lizzie’s Entry.


And this is the sunset over Meikleholm.


We got a lift for part of the way on the back of an obliging quad bike but walked most of the way and arrived at the bonfire just in time for the lighting.  The occasion hadn’t been publicised but there was a select crowd in attendance. There was a large water tank handy in case the hill caught fire as it has been pretty dry lately.


The bonfire wasn’t huge but it had been strategically placed just below the summit to be visible from the town rather than neighbouring hills.


It was quite chilly at the top of the hill but there was soon enough blaze to warm the spectators.

crowd and bonfire

We moved off to the summit of the hill to see if we could spot other beacons.  The bonfire was going well behind us by this time.



There were a number of rather indeterminate lights in view when we got to the top and there was considerable discussion as to which might be beacons.  A promising candidate turned out to be the moon emerging from behind a cloud.

moon emerging

We pinned down a few definite fires but as it was getting dark, Mrs Tootlepedal and I began the walk back down the hill.  We managed to get home without falling into any ditches or being eaten by sheep and were able to look back as we descended to see the blaze still going high above us.


In the end, I have had quite a jolly jubilee for someone who didn’t care a bit about how long the queen has been hanging around what with a concert, a community picnic and a beacon.  I’ll be waving a little flag next.

In spite of a good few flying birds in the blog, today’s chaffinch had to be tonight’s moon as a contrast to last night’s shot.  A bit blurred but very striking.



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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

18 thoughts on “Flaming June

  1. Loved the picture of the bonfire with the lights of the town in the valley beyond. Grand shots of the full moon too.
    There has been very little here to mark the jubilee here so it was very nice to join in with yours!

    1. I was 11 at the coronation and, as many people did, went round to a neighbour’s with my family and watched it on a tiny black and white TV. I thought it was very boring. We all got Coronation mugs and mine was broken years ago as things that belong to boys tend to be.

  2. I feel guilty not going to the bonfire on Warbla but the dreaded midges had been so bad on the Bowling Green earlier when we had to abandon play because of them that I decided being eaten alive once in the evening was enough. You do not mention them so maybe they had all gone to bed.

  3. Fabulous moon pictures, and well done for going to see the beacon lit. Glad you managed a bike ride too.

  4. Love the photo of the moon. Those bowling machines are lethal if you don’t get a proper signal from the guy feeding the ball. A rubber windball at 80mph to the ribs does tend to sting a little 😉

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