Old History

There is no current significance to this picture but I have put it here as it is two years, more or less to the day, since I started this blog and this was the first picture that appeared.  I note, somewhat sadly considering my present state of health,  that I cycled a hundred miles, including a 2000ft summit, on the that day. It was good to be young then.

As some readers may know, I started the blog when I realised that in the nine years since I was given a book at the millennium by my daughter to record interesting things that happened to me in the 21 st century, I had only managed to make one entry.  The blog has changed that and I have pretty well manged a post every day for the past two years.  Whether they have contained anything interesting is up to you to judge but I have enjoyed writing them.  An added bonus is the many interesting people that I have met virtually through the blogosphere and who provide me with a daily diet of varied reading and wonderful pictures.

Writing the blog has accidentally got me interested in photography and wild life and I think that both of these will turn out to be abiding interests.

The photography interest was to the fore this morning, as I arranged for a photographer from our local paper to come and mark the opening of our photographic exhibition in the Town Hall Gallery.

The exhibition is in the same place as one of our tourist information points and when the volunteer for that didn’t turn up, I took his place and spent a quiet morning waiting for tourists.  I didn’t get many tourists but Dropscone dropped in to admire his daughter’s pictures.  I did break off for twenty minutes to go and get my blood tested.  I’ve still got some which is good.

When I got home, the garden beckoned in the sunny weather which has followed after my sister’s return to London.  I mowed the middle lawn and then took the camera out.

A rose happy to see the sun
Mrs Tootlepedal tells me that this white flower is a Pink. She may be pulling my leg.
A group of astrantia.  I like the group of flowers within the flower.

There was a selection of birds about.

One of the family
A chaffinch
A greenfinch

I wanted to take advantage of the good weather so I left Mrs Tootlepedal painting the shredder…

It looks better now than when we got it.

… and I set off on the slow bike to go to the moorland feeders to see if I could see a woodpecker or two.

I noticed a reed bunting first…

reed bunting

..but I didn’t have to wait long for a woodpecker to arrive.

It is not pecking food out of the wood here but putting it in.  You can see that it has been ringed.

It spent a lot of time flitting between the feeders..

woodpecker flying

…with a beak full of seeds from here.


…to put in the cracks of the wooden feeder.  It gave me a lot of entertainment and I have put an album of pictures on Facebook for those with time to waste.  When the woodpecker flew off, other birds were available.

blue tit
Also ringed. Cat has been busy. Visit Cat’s moorland  blog to see what she has been up to.

And even smaller flying objects.


A hoverfly

Then another woodpecker turned up and headed for the nuts in a more conventional fashion.

woodpecker on peanuts

Though it did have a go at being a perching bird.

woodpecker perching
Not a natural percher by the look of it

The powers that be (she knows who she is) have not provided bird watching seats for the elderly so in spite of the bird action and the beautiful surroundings…

feeder station

…my legs called a halt to the enjoyment and I cycled off down to the Kilngreen where I saw a welcome sight on a hot day.

Pelosi's Ice Cream van
Pelosi’s Ice Cream van

I had enough money in my pocket for a nougat wafer and I sat on a bench by the river to enjoy it.  Then I cycled round the pheasant hatchery…

pheasant city
Just a small part of the arrangements for growing pheasants for shooting.

..and enjoyed another sit down, this time on a rock by the River Esk.

Esk side

When I got home,  I scarified the front lawn to remove more of the dead moss and then mowed it.  Then for good measure, I mowed the drying green as well.  You can tell the weather is good when you get to mow three lawns in the same day.

Not surprisingly, I felt that I had done enough for the day by then so I retired indoors for a thorough sit down.

Today’s flying bird was a black headed gull which cruised past while I was eating my ice cream.


Visit Sandy’s blog to see the pictures he has put in our exhibition.


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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

23 thoughts on “Old History

  1. The topic of blood: I’ve still got some which is good. (restrictive clause) Or. . . I’ve still got some, which is good (non-restrictive clause). Just seeking clarity as to your blood!

    Great pics as always. The river spot is very inviting. I got to go to the mountains today to a mountain lake which is equally inviting. Pics to follow, of course.

    1. The urge to teach never leaves one, does it? In this case, although I meant the non-restrictive clause, both clauses seem to apply, which is good.

  2. Congratulations on the blog birthday. As a relative newcomer it was interesting to learn a bit of your blog’s background. I wouldn’t have guessed that photography and wildlife were new interests.

  3. Congratulations on your two year anniversary!
    Your photography has been a wonderful part of your blog! It has introduced me and others to a part of the world that we might never have shared otherwise!
    Sorry about the change of pace you’ve been forced into. Seems like you have much to offer so keep the blogs postings coming!
    Mrs. Tootleoedal

  4. The picture of the pink is stunning! Congratulations on your two years of providing us with great entertainment and information. It was very hot here too and a “slider” from Pelosi’s would have been very welcome.

  5. Congratulations on two successful years of blogging. Your posts are “must reads” for me. I am struck by the wide variety in your audience, which speaks very well of your ability to inform and entertain on a number of subjects.

    1. You are most polite. Reading your and other US posts is one of the reasons that made me glad that I started blogging.as I am getting a wider view of the USA than I had before and being entertained at the same time.

  6. Many congratulations on your two year anniversary and excellent pictures, which seem to get better and better, if that were possible!

    1. That would be fine if I lived in England. Although it is only eight miles away, I actually live in Scotland but your kind sentiments are appreciated.

  7. Congrats Tom two years of daily posting, that is really awesome! I do enjoy following your blog and experiencing Scotland’s birds and landscapes through your lens. It is always a treat!

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