New balls

Today’s picture shows Dropscone with two club-mates, Stewart and George, representing the Langholm Golf Club in a charity fourball at Southerness today.  Presumably the fourth member is taking the picture.


In the end, we have passed through the forecast rain and gales of the last few days without getting too much of either and the day dawned pretty fair this morning.  This was a moment of joy, since good days have been at a premium since we came back from holiday.

I had offered to open and close the Town Hall for the volunteer exhibition curators today which meant being available at 10, 12, 2 and 4 o’clock.  This gave me the perfect excuse for additional resting and I started well by doing no more than taking a  picture of a perennial nasturtium…


and a slightly damp white peony before the first of these appointments.


This is a very special peony which a friend gave to me for my 70th birthday and Mrs Tootlepedal has been looking after it with great care.

Sandy was the morning curator and he came to pick me up and we managed to open the gallery without setting off the alarm which is always a relief.

When I came home, it was time for coffee and a good look out of the kitchen window.  The bird entertainment was top notch.

There were wings flapping on all sides.


Siskins were about in profusion with wings both up and down.


Goldfinches had the full range of flying skills on show too.

goldfinch flying

This one is putting a spell on the sparrow.

The habit of siskins indulging in bird trampling was very much in evidence as well. (Click on the picture for an enlarged version if you want.)

bird trampling

This was a continuous sequence of events; the first kick ended in failure so the siskin regrouped and decided just to stand on the sparrow and get a beak-ful of seed.  The sparrow was extremely calm about the whole thing.

I went up to the town hall and we managed the closing successfully.  Whether the opening and closing had been worthwhile was another matter as Sandy had had only had one visitor and that was another of the exhibitors.

When I got home again, I had time for a wander round the garden.  The sun was working wonders.

Rosa goldfinch
The first sight this year of the prolific rosa goldfinch
The eryngium is just beginning to show its blue colouring
The first campanula
A well protected peony which is going to be gorgeous.

In the face of a warm sunny day in the garden, my resting resolve cracked and I got the hedge trimmer out and trimmed two of the golden box balls on the edge of the front lawn.

box balls
Before and after

A sphere has literally an infinite number of positions that you can look at it from and it is very hard to get them perfectly spherical.  Every time you do a little trim to even up one side, it throws off the view from another angle.  Still I can always give the one on the left a little re-trim some time.

A little movement in the pond caught my eye…

The are quite a few frogs in the pond again.  I expect a return visit from the heron.

There were strange rustling noises in the philapelphus beyond the pond too.  It was Mrs Tootlepedal doing some clearing out of clematis plants that were strangling the philadelphus.

The gardener
By afternoon, a large pile of cutting had appeared on the lawn.

The pink rose which had been hanging its head in the downpour yesterday was beaming at the sun today.

pink rose

After lunch, the second opening was accomplished successfully and I watched the pipe band march up the High Street on its way to the Church Fete.  There was a bit of a hiccup in its smooth progress when a youthful drummer tripped and fell.

pipe band

I took a short cut across the suspension bridge, stopping to snap a family of ducks that had found something very good to eat….

ducks eating

…before going to the church Fete myself.  Langholm’s other band was playing when I got there.  The Town Band is a splendid mixture of ages as this view of the cornet section shows.

LTB cornets

Their E flat bass player was in reflective mood.

E Flat bass

The plant stall was in the hands of two of the finest brains of the Archive Group.  Sandra and Nancy were giving all their concentration to the business of bagging potted plants.

Sandra and Nancy

The band was being watched by respectable members of the community including fellow blogger Gavin.

Margaret and Gavin
The Community Council and the Langholm Initiative relax side by side

The minister was being a good sport.


..though I did think that I might have heard him excommunicate one parishioner who had thrown a particularly savage wet sponge.

burgering about
Andrew was burgering about, bringing sustenance to the body at this spiritual occasion.

I expect that everyone was very pleased to get a dry afternoon after all the rain.  Especially the pipers, because it is no fun to march around in the wet.  This one looked cheerful enough.


I left after a while, having purchased the obligatory raffle ticket and paused on the bridge to watch the birds catching insects.

I think this is martin but it might be a swallow

Then I went home again.  My resting policy was in tatters when the middle lawn called out to me so loudly to be mowed that I couldn’t resist it. Still, it looked good when I had finished.

I cycled up to the Town Hall for my last visit of the day and was pleased to find that Corrie, the curator, had had enough visitors to make the opening worthwhile.    Even so, the attendance has been a bit disappointing and we can only hope for better things next week. Those who have come have enjoyed the show a lot and we will definitely do it again next year, probably with a few more photographers involved.

I had to put the camera away at this point, as I found that I had taken over 80 photographs and cutting more than that number down for the blog is too much like hard work.  I watched the athletics on the telly instead of looking for more subjects.

After a tasty tea of mince and tatties, I was going to go for a short bike ride in the evening sunshine but I found that clipping the box balls had made my wrist too sore to hold the handlebars in comfort so I mowed the drying green instead, my excuse being that it was such a lovely evening that it was hard to sit inside.

No flying bird of the day today.  There are too many pictures on the blog already.




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7 thoughts on “New balls

  1. What an ’embarras de richesses’ in the photographic department of your blog today! I loved it all especially the frog.

    It was interesting to see what Gavin looked like.

  2. That was a very satisfying walk around town. Never too many photos when they hold this much interest. The shots of people are fun to look at – the piper with his three friends in the background – Sandra and Nancy in pink – Gavin and the Community Council. Very well composed, too.

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