A little relief from the rain

Today’s picture, sent from Gavin, who is on a rainy walking tour in the Peak District, shows a stone circle called Arbor Low.  He says it is sometimes referred to as the Stonehenge of the north (but presumably only by people who haven’t seen Stonehenge and don’t know where the north is).

stone circle

It wasn’t raining when I got up today.  The shock was so great that I had to have a little lie down. When I had recovered, I had breakfast and looked out of the window.  A baby starling was back, looking for something.

baby starling

It arrived soon after.


I pulled myself together and stopped watching birds and got the slow bike out for a pedal.  As soon as I started out, a very fine drizzle appeared and by the time I had got to Wauchope School, it was raining lightly.  I decided to go up to Cleuchfoot rather than gain altitude as the cloud was sitting firmly on the hills.  At my turning point, I took this picture of a typical barn for no other reason than to remind myself that I had been there.

Cleuchfoot barn

Sometimes I have to read my own blog to find out what I have been up to lately.

I pedalled back to town and up to the Rugby Club and back to make up my ten miles for the day.  Then it was time for a cup of coffee and a slice of toast and a walk round the garden.  The bees had found a new flower to visit.


In fact, blue flowers were in evidence in more than one spot.

blue flower

They look like delphiniums to me.

The warm, damp weather is making the grass grow if nothing else so I mowed the middle lawn.  The top dressing seems to have been helpful and I will try to do the rest of the lawn when conditions permit.

Then it was time to pack my dookies and head off to the hydrotherapy pool at Carlisle for half an hour of pleasant exercise.  I decided to make this my last visit as it seems a long way to go for half an hour and I intend to go to the EWM sports club pool in Langholm from now on.  I will have to get used to a considerable drop  in water temperature.

When I came home, as I had the camera in the car, I carried on through the town and went along the B709 until I passed the  quarry.  I got out and walked up a small hill beside the road and took some pictures to make a change from the endless siskins.  The light wasn’t good but it was warm and dry so I was happy enough.

behind the quarry
Behind the quarry
The town tucked in beneath the surrounding hills.

The big building on the far right is one of the last large mill buildings still standing.  It is now the headquarters of EWM.

Looking up the Esk valley

The fine house in the foreground is Craigcleuch, built in 1874 by one of Langholm’s mill owners.  The mill is still working today, though with very reduced volumes of production.  Here is a picture from 1956 of the cupola being repaired.  It comes from the Langholm Archive collection.

craigcleuch cupola


Gates of Eden
Looking further to the right, these are the Gates of Eden with the Ewes valley hills behind.
sheep fold
This sheep fold is on the lower slopes of the hill on the other side of the road.

In spite of the presence of sheep on the hill, there were a lot of wild flowers under my feet as I walked.

wild flowers

Some of the things which looked liked seed heads proved to be alive and kicking on closer inspection.


The hillside was running with gurgling streams after the recent rain.

I got back to the house and the day was so warm and pleasant, if not actually sunny, that I mowed the front lawn and trimmed a box ball.  I had just finished this when the sun came out.  I rushed to get the bike out and pack the camera and pedalled up the hill to take a picture of the foxgloves glowing in the sunshine.  Of course by the time that I had got into position, the brief glimpse of the sun had been extinguished but once again, I took some pictures anyway.



The meadow that I was standing in to take the pictures was even more fully stocked with wild flowers than the previous one.

wild flowers

In spite of the lack of sun, it was a pleasure to be out and about and it certainly was very pleasantly warm for once.

Then it was time for tea, a glance out of the window…

A dove
A dove from above.

…and a lift from Susan to Carlisle to play recorders with our full group of six.  We played some unusual music including a Gounod arrangement which sounded surprisingly good, among the more usual material and this made for an enjoyable tootle.

The weather forecast is offering amber warnings of torrential rain for the next three days.  Oh joy.

Today’s flying bird is one of those recurrent siskins.





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10 thoughts on “A little relief from the rain

  1. It’s so beautiful and green–the price for all your rain. With increased temps here, it is getting browner and browner.

    I think the top photo should be renamed pebblehenge.

    1. All the same, it has been too wet here. It doesn’t need to rain so much to make things green. The stone circle is high up in the hills and Gavin said it was very atmospheric.

  2. The foxgloves were well worth a visit despite the lack of sunshine.

    Good luck with using the local baths, hope the cold doesn’t put you off!

  3. I cannot get enough of the hills, and the valleys, and the sheepfold . . . It is very beautiful there. The addition of the vintage photo was a nice touch, too. May you quickly get used to the cooler pool.

      1. I know just what you mean. We have the same wish. (OK, except for this particular week, when we seem to have quite enough visitors by any measure. I wish that we could spread them out a bit more evenly, sort of like a peanut butter sandwich with fruit preserves.)

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