Today’s picture is of a soggy rose in the morning which can’t quite cope with the wet.

soggy rose

It was cloudy but warm so while Mrs Tootlepedal was probably sipping champagne for her breakfast as they do in the south of England, I had a plate of porridge and a gentle pedal with Dropscone.  I went my usual ten miles and on this occasion he limited himself to same trip as me as he had a heavy day of golf ahead of him.  We got home dry and enjoyed coffee and scones.  Dropscone was in magnanimous mood and remarked that he thought the photos in yesterday’s blog were less boring than usual.  I was touched.  He is not a bird lover.  Just as Dropscone left to go home, the rain started.

The forecast had been very dismal so I expected the rain to last for the rest of the day but I was too pessimistic.  The rain stopped almost as soon as it had started and I was able to walk round the garden to look at plants…

The eryngium in its blue period
The first hosta flowers
New this year: Mrs Tootlepedal’s hawkweed and grass jungle.  I like it.

…stare out of the window to look at birds…..

greenfinch and sparrow
A greenfinch and sparrow exchange opinions on Bob Diamond’s resignation.
blue tit
Although it is rather yellow, I think this must be a blue tit.  Perhaps a young one.

…and then walk up to the health centre for my vitamin B12 injection, all in pleasantly warm and dry conditions.  At lunchtime, the sun even came out…


All this was most unexpected and after lunch I went out in the car with the camera.  First I went to the Kilngreen where the ducks were in a very frisky mood.


And nature had produced its own weed and grass jungle beside the river.

weed and grass

In spite of some sunshine, when I looked about, all I could see was clouds coming up.


It was a very odd day.  The weather looked threatening all afternoon but there seemed always to be a little gap in the clouds straight above Langholm.


The two pictures above were taken in the same place and more or less at the same time.

I left the Kilngreen and went up onto the Langholm moor, hoping to see the hen harrier.  After hanging around fruitlessly for some time, it started to rain heavily so I went back down the hill, stopping to take a picture on my way.  The rain stopped too.

I thought that as I often get wires in my pictures by accident, I would get them in on purpose today.

I went through the town and up to the feeding station to see if I could see the jays there again.  I had hardly got into position when two jays appeared.

One lurked unhelpfully on a feeder

Then they both dropped into the long grass and after a while flew off too quickly for me to catch them in flight.  I waited half and hour to see if they would come back but they didn’t and I had to make do with a pair of woodpeckers…


…and any number of blue and great tits for my entertainment.

blue and great tits

Then it was time to return home and put myself through the emotional wringer of watching Andy Murray playing tennis.  It got too much after a couple of hours so I went out to see if the sunshine had perked the roses up.  Some were still looking pretty sad but others were enjoying the warmth.


Once again, the sky was cloudy wherever I looked except for little patches of blue sky right above the garden.  I took advantage of this to sieve a little compost and make up some more top dressing for the middle lawn.  Then I went in for more punishment but happily, Andy Murray won and I sat down to my tea in cheery mood.  Outside, the evening was punctuated by some extremely heavy but short rain showers.

Obviously the weather is hard to forecast just now because although there were signs warning of heavy rain on Thursday when Susan and I came up the A7 from Carlisle last night, the forecast is now saying that it might be quite nice tomorrow.   Today’s mixture of heavy cloud all round and wonderful sunshine just where I was, was rather surreal.

Today’s chaffinch is a chaffinch.


Once again, the rain is absolutely hammering down as I write this final sentence.

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9 thoughts on “Confused

  1. The eryngium is an interesting flower. I just bought 2 succulents today to ad to my moonscape. I also got 2 rose bushes to put on drip into our not quite moonscape front right yard. When it’s done, I will take a picture. BTW, we survived a lovely raging grass fire in the hills yesterday. Fireworks are legal in our city, which is in the grand realm of stupid given fire danger!

  2. Now that I have unsubscribed from all of my favourite bloggers, I missed you too much so have snuck back in via another route and am, as usual, cheered up by your post today, even though you have this rainy stuff happening.

      1. Your blog has a way of making me (and your other readers) feel like we are right there; for me it is almost magical, like a little bit of Narnia every day.
        I have to break it to Anthony tomorrow that I can’t bring him home anymore at all because he is now a two-nurse ‘job’ in the sense that he is too heavy for me to lift etc. Wish me luck!

  3. Sorry about the jays but glad you fitted in a bike ride and that the weather was better than you expected, alas no champagne here for breakfast or at any other time these days!

  4. I always enjoy my walks through the countryside via your blog. The young starlings are especially fun lately.

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