Welcome home

Today’s picture from my sister Mary shows a false bridge on the lake at Kenwood with a perfect reflection.  It is just an architectural feature.

The false bridge and reflection on the lake at Kenwood

After a night of heavy rain (as forecast), we enjoyed a pleasantly warm and dry day again.  I took advantage of this to snap this blue tit getting its feathers ruffled by the breeze…

blue tit

…and then to go out for a gentle ten miles on the slow bike.  Yesterday’s walk had left my legs too tired for anything more energetic.  I was pleased to see a heron at Pool Corner as I left the town.

heron at Pool Corner

The river wasn’t quite as high as I thought it would be after the rain overnight but I still stopped at Bessie Bell’s to watch it sweep under the bridge there.

Bessie Bell's
Not the world’s most stylish bridge but functional none the less.

It was quite breezy so I didn’t push too hard but got back in under an hour in time for a shower and a visit to the producers’ market.  There I purchased smoked haddock, four sorts of cheese and some locally made soap from these fine people.

producers' market

The fish comes from Eyemouth on the east coast and the cheese comes from Hawick, twenty miles to the north of Langholm.  Both sellers reported very bad weather in their airts.  The man from Hawick had only narrowly missed being flooded out of his house overnight.  Once again we seem to have got off lightly.  This my recorder playing friend Sue’s picture of the bottom of her garden a day or two ago.

sue's car

The car is on a road.

When I got back home, I scoffed an éclair while I drank my coffee before going out to do good works in the garden.  These included clipping a small section of the very thorny back hedge which Mrs Tootlepedal is lowering by a foot or so, mowing the middle lawn, strimming the edges of both middle and front lawn and finally clipping three sides of the chessman.  The fourth side has a tropaeolum growing through it and I wisely have left that for Mrs Tootlepedal to cope with.

Looking at it from the good side

Exhausted by all this work, I made myself a cheese toastie for lunch and looked out of the window while I relaxed.

closely stacked sparrows
Closely stacked sparrows
A greenfinch in the plum tree for my sister Susan.
There were two blackbirds sitting in this rather odd posture on the lawn.

Other birds were not sitting still.

busy feeder

…then I went out into the garden again to have a wander.  It was a day for lilies.

A day lily, a water lily and a martagon lily

And two of the sodden roses have taken a new lease of life in the warmer weather.


The daises like the sun too.


The colour quotient is rising by the day again.

delphinium and foxgloves

front lawn bed

I went out to the dam to see if there were any ducks about but they seem to be long gone now.  My neighbour’s front gate was very striking in the sunlight.

Liz's gate

The fuchsia on the back wall is more restrained.


There is a low ground covering blue flower by the front path and I was surprised to be told by Mrs Tootlepedal that it is a variety of campanula.


Then there was just time to catch a sparrow in flight…

flying sparrow

…before settling down to an afternoon of sloth in front of the telly watching the endless tennis.

I made some bread and did some desultory mopping and sweeping against Mrs Tootlepedal’s return and then it was time to go to Carlisle to fetch her off the London train.  I had worried that the recent heavy rains in England might have disrupted her journey but apart from being a few minutes late, the train passed through the drenched landscape without adventure.  As I waited, I stood on the south end of the platform on Carlisle Citadel Station and admired the network of lines that make up the junction of three railways meeting.

Carlisle station
One left, one right and one centre.

As soon as we got back to the Market Place in Langholm, Mrs Tootlepedal jumped out of the car and went to take her turn at watering the hanging baskets.  They didn’t need too much water and she was home quite soon and I made a dish of kedgeree using the fish from the market for our tea.

Then it was more sloth and more tennis as a Briton (and a Dane) won a Wimbledon title, a very rare thing.

It has been a good day with sunshine and warmth, a pedal, some lawn care and a win at tennis but it has been made even better by the return of Mrs Tootlepedal.  Oh, and Bradley Wiggins is wearing yellow. A very good day.

Most of the siskins seem to have left the garden in the warmer weather but there a few left.  Today’s flying bird is one of them.



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4 thoughts on “Welcome home

  1. A veritable floral feast, what a lot of colour grows in your garden! The farmers’ market looked great too.

    Splendid to have a British man, Marray, part of the Wimbledon championship winners this year.

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