A false dawn

Today’s picture shows the formidable Stuc a’Chroin (975m) seen from Ben Vorlich (985m) by my brother Andrew when he was on an energetic walk in the Highlands. It started off as a lovely day in every way.  Anthony had finished the painting of the kitchen before I had even got out of bed and heContinue reading “A false dawn”

A helping hand (and brush)

Today’s picture shows the fine waterfall going over the Ashley Bank garden wall and onto the road during the rain yesterday.  It was taken (I think) by my recorder playing friend Susan and sent to me by Dropscone. The rain gave us a break today but it still had a mean twist and gave usContinue reading “A helping hand (and brush)”

The rain it raineth every day….and all that jazz

Today’s picture was taken by my brother Andrew recently in Norfolk and shows his wife, Catherine taking the dry route across the ford with her bicycle. It rained again today.  It rained often.  It rained heavily.  It did stop about 3 o’clock in the afternoon but only after the heaviest downpour of the day. ThereContinue reading “The rain it raineth every day….and all that jazz”

A busy day

Today’s picture shows  the space where a bridge used to be on Gaskells Walk.  Bruce and Lesley came across it when on a guided tour with Guthrie.  I suppose that they all girded their loins and leapt lightly across the gap. Apart from a negligible couple of flurries, the rain kept away today and wasContinue reading “A busy day”

Storm in a teacup (or a dam)

Today’s picture shows the only sun we saw all day. It wasn’t raining when I got up so I put on the cycling gear but by the time I got downstairs, it was raining and a quick phone call to Dropscone arranged coffee instead of cycling rather than after it.  Of course, as soon asContinue reading “Storm in a teacup (or a dam)”

Dull day

Today’s picture from my wandering sister Susan shows a detail from one of the tapestries of La Dame a l’Unicorne in the Cluny museum in Paris which she visited recently.  Considering it is over 600 years old, it has lasted well. It was a pretty dull day in every way today.  It was raining whenContinue reading “Dull day”

Morning pedal, evening tootle

Today’s picture gives a clue as to how much rain there has been around.  This is the six foot wide little stream in front of the seventh hole at the Hirsel Golf Club not long ago.  Not much chance of fishing your ball out under these circumstance.  Photo by courtesy of Dropscone. There was aContinue reading “Morning pedal, evening tootle”

Two unexpected visitors

Another picture from Susan’s trip.  I like a hydro electric scheme as, after the capital investment, it is money for nothing. I felt a lot better today but I didn’t want to push my luck so I had another gentle morning of crossword and coffee interrupted by walking round the garden and staring out ofContinue reading “Two unexpected visitors”


Another picture from my sister Susan’s album.  A loch near Ben Vorlich. The weather would have let me out for a pedal this morning but my asthma was bothering me for some obscure reason and I reckoned a rest would do my joints no harm so I was lounging around doing the crossword when DropsconeContinue reading “Unsettled”

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