Moving experience

Today’s picture shows a rose which rose to greet the smiling morn.


We enjoyed our fifth day of sunshine in a row and it is making us very nervous.  What is happening?  Is it legal?  Still, only one more day to go before a familiar Atlantic low returns and things get back to normal.  We have had more sunshine this week than in the whole of July.  It’s been very nice while it has lasted and we can only hope we can get another sunny week some time before autumn sets in.

I didn’t manage to put the day to good use by going for a bicycle ride because there was a lot to do in the house and my knees were not at their best.  I have had a few good rides lately and I don’t wish to push my luck by overdoing things.

The main business indoors was the transfer of the kitchen dresser into the garage.  This involved dismantling  and re-assembling it.  It is not a one piece bit of furniture and breaks up to several sections.  Here is a little part of the story.

From l to r: the last bits in the kitchen, parts waiting on the drive, the first section in the garage

The whole affair required both bending and lifting and fortunately, Mrs Tootlepedal was up to the challenge.

Mrs T at work

The top part was very heavy but I had the thought of using two old tyres as slings to take the weight as we carried it and it proved surprisingly easy to shift.  It is now all in place except the drawers.

dresser in place
It is already filling up with bird food and bits and pieces of bike stuff.

The drawers are full of kitchen stuff and will only come through when their contents have found a home in the new units.  I may have remarked before that if you can’t wield a hammer without hitting your thumb, it’s really handy to be married to a competent wood worker and cabinet maker.

The effort of the furniture removal required a good deal of intermittent resting and refreshment and between that and a  trip to the Co-op, the morning and some of the afternoon slipped by.

I didn’t get out into the garden with the camera until one o’clock. The yellow roses, which looked promising, have completely collapsed and a solo moss rose had to do instead.

moss rose

The bird feeder is full of siskins again.  Some have been watching the gymnastics on the telly.

siskin acrobat

In the afternoon, I sieved another bucket of compost and then mixed two buckets of compost with some soil and sand to make a top dressing and Mrs Tootlepedal spread it on the join between the new lawn and the old to try to get a more level surface there.  We are using the Dave Brailsford method of small incremental improvements to try to get a level lawn but more work (and top dressing) will will be needed.

One of the features of the day was the visit of some headless birds.

headless birds

You would wonder how they can see to fly.

We did get some birds with heads.

A collared dove in the plum tree.  They always look as though they are taking life seriously.

In the late afternoon, I noticed that the seed feeder was empty so I refilled it and within minutes, it was engulfed in birds.

Siskins were first there.
A greenfinch arrived

But it was mostly siskins.

They favour the sunflower seed and the sparrows prefer the fat balls

This little sparrow went for a crust of bread which Mrs Tootlepedal had put out.


Sparrow with bread
It doesn’t seem very happy about it.

The dove flew off…

dove flying off

…but soon reappeared with a friend for an evening on the tiles.

two doves

We had a culinary departure for our tea.  We don’t usually eat ready made meals but Mrs Tootlepedal had encountered a tin of cassoulet on one of her shopping trips and had bought it out of curiosity.  We opened it with a great deal of suspicion, thinking that it would probably not be the taste sensation of a generation but in fact, it turned out to be rather good.  It was generously provided with beans and the meat content was modest but it didn’t taste of mono-sodium glutamate and we might easily consider trying it again.  It was very easy to cook!

The evening activity consisted of working off thousands of vicarious calories through the vigorous support of Tom Daley and Mo Farrah.  They both did us proud, though Tom was beaten by an American who dived superbly throughout.  I have to add that Mo has an excellent American coach.  Why there is only one decent male American distance runner is a bit of a mystery.

A highly amusing aspect of the Olympics is the quandary that it has put our miserable government in.  They can hardly say that they don’t like GB being third on the medal table but they can’t avoid the fact that this was brought about by heavy government support for elite sports people and organisations. They were planning to cut all government support for this sort of thing after two years probably because they were hoping for/expecting  poor results in these Olympics to give them that excuse (and a chance to blame the previous government for the failure).

Their only response so far has been to threaten to make team sports (in which we won one bronze medal in the entire games) compulsory in schools.  Presumably they think that standing in two inches of mud on a badly maintained pitch in pouring rain in January is the way to encourage children to take part in sport.  Or they may be very stupid, it’s hard to tell.  The other embarrassment for them as BBC haters is that the BBC coverage of the event has been pretty good.  You could watch all of every event if you had the time and energy.  We tried our best.

Today’s flying bird is a siskin

siskin flying






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10 thoughts on “Moving experience

  1. The headless birds got both my husband and myself to laugh!
    That’s quite a nice cabinet for the garage!
    Your bird pictures are always so interesting. I’ve never noticed our birds going at it as much as yours…I wonder if they do?

  2. Do so agree with your comments concerning the government and their attitude to sport. It will be most interesting to see if the sporting heroes can put pressure on Cameron et al.

  3. I like the photo of the departing dove.

    Although I’m don’t follow sports much I am mostly OK with government support of Olympic type sports and athletes that would otherwise find it difficult to afford to pursue their ambitions. I am rather less in favour of government supporting professional team sports that make oodles of cash. My city is currently being bamboozled into footing a large part of the bill for a new arena for our hockey team.

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