Chaos and order

Today’s picture, from my sister Mary, is a cut above my usual bridges being none other than the famous Brig o’ Doon.  (Google Tam o’ Shanter if you haven’t heard of it.)

Brig o' Doon

The threatened rain exhausted itself over night and we enjoyed a warm, cloudy, dry day much at odds with the forecast. I couldn’t make much use of it because my asthma was in an annoying mood and I felt rather tired.  We were all at sixes and sevens as we moved out and the joiners moved in to the kitchen.  They were soon joined by the electrician and the plumber.  I am very impressed by the efficient co-operative working of the Langholm tradesmen.  Not a moment is wasted.

Our first business of the morning was to complete the clearing out of the kitchen.  The whole house seems to be covered in pots and pans, sugar and spices, crockery and cutlery…

kitchen chaos

…but it is worth it as the new kitchen is shaping up well.  Here is a before and progressing picture.

kitchen progress

I particularly like the cooker hood which gives the kitchen an air of having someone who knows how to cook about the place.

Now that the Olympics are over, everyone I meet is at a bit of a loss as to what to do but luckily I had a big task in hand to take my mind of the absence of sporting excitement.  This was the preparation of a set of photos to enter in the Canonbie Horticultural Show next Saturday.

Jean and I were asked to judge the photo section last year and that gave me the idea of putting in a few pictures myself this year.  In the end a ‘few pictures’ turned out to be a substantial lot of twenty four and it took me most of the day to select, process and print the chosen ones.   I have got many thousands of good, bad and totally fuzzy pictures stored on my computer so it is no east task to pick out even as many as twenty four.  Of course as soon as I had printed them out, I found several much better ones but enough was enough and I had to let them hide their lights under a bushel.

I got some selection advice from Mike Tinker in the morning and Sandy, who is an experienced photographer, kindly popped in after lunch to give me some more advice.   After watching the Olympics, I have my speech ready for the inevitable interview with the press after the judging….’My shutter release finger has been injured..I tried so hard…I am sorry to have let everyone down, Mrs Tootlepedal, Sandy, my coach and Nikon and everyone in the world…and I will be back stronger…and .. ‘ and here I am lead off weeping copiously.

At least I have a good picture of Sandy to add to the library of over the hedge shots.

Sandy and John

John, the bloke on the right, paused to tell us that he had cycled round Kielder Water on a track which we had used a couple of times last year.  We were enjoying a …

cup of tea

in the garden, under the …


The privets are doing amazingly well and may be contributing to my asthma with their profusion of pollen.  They are covered in bees…

bee on privet

and as we sat underneath one to have out tea, all we could hear was a continuous buzzing above our heads.

bee on privet

bee on privet

We were also visited by a friendly blackbird which stopped a couple of yards away for a chat.


When the vans had gone from outside the kitchen window, I filled the feeder but by then, the gloomy day made taking bird pictures hard and the best I could do was a blue tit.

blue tit
Leaving the fat ball fortress off makes for better pictures but means that the balls disappear at an alarming rate.

In the end, I had to settle for an indistinct bee to be the flying object of the day.

flying bee

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6 thoughts on “Chaos and order

  1. I am sure all the kitchen upheaval will be well worth it in the end. Hope the asthma calms down and that you get many compliments on your photographs!

  2. Isn’t it astonishing how much “stuff” we keep in our kitchens? Don’t quite realize until it has to be moved and stored somewhere else.

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