A busy day

Today’s picture shows  the space where a bridge used to be on Gaskells Walk.  Bruce and Lesley came across it when on a guided tour with Guthrie.  I suppose that they all girded their loins and leapt lightly across the gap.


Apart from a negligible couple of flurries, the rain kept away today and was replaced by clouds and occasional sunshine and a strong, drying wind.

I took this picture to show the comparative improvement.

The back door
The back door as it should be.

And this…

Dam side
All is calm

Dropscone and I went round the morning run looking for scenes of devastation but we were disappointed.  The fallen wall at Holmfoot had been neatly cleared away and there were no other signs of the rain of yesterday.  Except one.  Last time we went round the morning run, we were very pleased to see the council men in their special sucking up vehicle vacuuming up the leaves and debris on the cycle track, leaving it safe and tidy.  When we went along it today, the road was covered at the same spot by a large outpouring of stones and gravel.  We managed to squeak past but as Dropscone pointed out, it is unlikely now that it will be cleared again in the next six months.

Still it was fine and the wind was behind us for the last few miles so we managed to achieve an average of 15 miles an hour for the twenty miles and that is par for the course for us….and a welcome sign of improvement for me.

The scones were extra good.

While we were drinking our coffee, I could see the ripening plum hanging from its branch.  The tension is building.  Who will time it right, the birds or me?


Dropscone alarmed me by saying that he had seen a wasp.  They are great destroyers of plums.  It turned out though that the sighting had been in the clubhouse at Hawick and Dropscone had killed it anyway.  My fears were allayed.

Out in the garden, two clematis are hard at work.  One is on the vegetable garden fence and is rather scraggy and overshadowed…


…while the other is beside the front lawn and is much more open.


After a slow start, the bird feeder got very busy.  I took this picture at 11.55…

bird feeder

…and this one six hours later.

bird feeder

In between the two, the pace was pretty consistent and there were many opportunities to catch birds in flight.

birds in flight

After lunch, I went to the tourist information point on the Kilngreen, where I dispensed information to a lone tourist.  I also gave some computer advice to Arthur who dropped in.  He is a keen fisherman and is depressed at the height of the river which means that he cannot fish.

The Ewes was still coming down at a good speed when I looked at it.


You can see it here, battling with the Esk coming from the right.

It threatened to rain while I was at the Kilngreen but by the time I got home, it was fine.  Mrs Tootlepedal was busy cutting down a pyrocantha from the back wall of the house so I was moved to do useful work too and got the mower out.  Everything is so damp that I had to put the cutter up but I managed to mow the two lawns without doing them any damage.  They looked quite good in the evening sunshine later on.

lawn porn
The front lawn
More lawn porn
The middle lawn

If you look at them closely, there are a lot of dead spots but from this distance, they look fine.

I then cut the grass round the greenhouse, sieved a bucket of compost,  trimmed another two feet off the back fence (we are doing this task a little at a time), took a picture of two dahlias…


…and finally, it was time for a sit down.

Although there was time to look out of the window too.  The peanut feeder was busy.

peanut feeder

It is unusual to see a greenfinch on the peanuts.

After tea, we sat down and finished off a busy day by doing our tax return and sending it off.  We are hoping to sleep the sleep of the just tonight.

We are offered heavy rain and thunder tomorrow.  That will make a change.

I found yet another flying bird to act as flying bird of the day.

flying sparrow




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15 thoughts on “A busy day

  1. I can’t get over how marvelous your grounds and gardens look in spite of all the dreadful events of late. And your energy to get out there and mow the lawn before posting this! But I’m thankful you did!

  2. Glad that the waters have gone down and that you had a satisfactory bicycle ride. The lawns, and the dahlias look splendid!

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