One in the eye for Mrs Tootlepedal

Today’s picture shows the famous London EyeEye

We had decided to spend a day in London on our way back home and as the weather was kind and Mrs Tootlepedal had long wished for a trip on the London Eye, we decided that this was an opportunity too good to miss.   My sister Susan agreed to act as her companion as a trip in the Eye would be a truly terrible experience for me.  We hadn’t booked in advance and wondered whether there would be huge queues as the South Bank was crowded with tourists but in the end, there was a wait of only twenty minutes so we got tickets and I waved them off on their circular journey.

setting off

While I waited for them to go round, I amused myself by taking in the ground based entertainments on hand.

human statue

South Bank
I was hanging around but this chap had perfected the art.

From time to time I looked up….


…and this picture, taken by my sister, shows what it was like looking down from up there.

eye view

Mrs Tootlepedal told me afterwards that they could see for miles and miles from the top of the circle and they were lucky to have a very clear day even if it wasn’t sunny.

The mechanism of the wheel is interesting to me and I enjoyed watching these little tyres doing all the work of pushing the huge wheel round.

wheels within wheels
This is really what you could call ‘wheels within wheels’

The hub and spokes set up is very similar to a cycle wheel.


I had time while they were in the air, to look at the fine buildings on the north of the Thames.  Unless you knew, it would be hard to guess where this leafy chateau was.

Even though it is a very safe set up, I was pleased to see them nearing home on the way down.

Returning fliers
Mrs Tootlepedal somewhat obscured by reflection.

It is not a particularly cheap trip but Mrs Tootlepedal had thought it a very worth while experience, enjoying looking down on familiar landmarks like Buckingham Palace from above and having the whole city laid out before her.

Susan then headed for home and we headed by bus for Brixton where our daughter lives and she took us round two covered markets there which were full of exciting things and delicious smells.  We had a mildly middle eastern lunch in a tiny cafe and as we came out of the market, I was very taken with this building…

It is still in use as a laundry today

I don’t suppose that there would be much use for an insanitary steam laundry.

Then we walked back to Annie’s house where we were entertained by the varied wildlife in her small garden.  I wished that I had my good camera with me but had to make do as best as I could with the little one.

I did manage to catch a spider at work eating a fly though.


There were many blue and great tits, with goldfinches and sparrows too but they were too far away for me and I had to wait till some bigger things came along.


This was a most striking parakeet.  The little camera doesn’t do it justice at all.

You don’t get either of those in our garden.  She gets woodpeckers too but not today sadly.

The day was rounded off by another excellent meal at my sister Susan’s.  We have eaten very well during the holiday and there will have to be some serious weight watching when we get home.

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9 thoughts on “One in the eye for Mrs Tootlepedal

  1. It was great to have you in London again and I very much enjoyed the trip on the Eye with the excellent visibility.You were a pleasure to cook for too, clearing your plates at all times!

  2. The “leafy chateau” is the Royal Horseguards Hotel, which I have had the opportunity to stay at during my business trips to London. The trees obscure the hotel gardens, which include large statues of Robert Burns (a Scot!) and William Tyndale, who translated the Bible into English. A very nice place to sit and watch passers-by.

    1. As I see it is described as a luxury five star hotel, I can only guess at the splendours you enjoyed inside this fine building. Did you nibble on caviare and sip champagne?

      1. I have never sampled the food, although the dining room appears to be worthy of a five-star rating. My hosts prefer to take me to pubs along Whitehall and the Strand, and I can’t say I am upset at their choices!

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