The news from the joints is good

Today’s picture shows Guthrie with whom I had a cup of tea in the afternoon.


The glorious sunshine of yesterday had gone but it was still a reasonably warm and dry day.  I had arranged to cycle with Dropscone if my joints had recovered from yesterday’s efforts and happily they were quite well enough to do the twenty miles to Paddockhole and back with him.  The ten miles out was very easy with a brisk wind behind us but coming back was a lot harder.  Dropscone was on his new bike which he has purchased for winter work.


It is a Felt, a maker that is new to me.  Mrs Tootlepedal remarked that the bike probably fulfilled a long felt want which only goes to show that living with me can have a bad effect on even the most intelligent person.

Mrs Tootlepedal had bought a curious  auger like device on her way home yesterday and she went out after coffee to screw it into the ground.  Its purpose is to provide a foundation for an absolutely upright drying whirligig and it achieved this well.

Auger like device

After all this excitement, I did a bit of staring out of the window although the light wasn’t particularly good.

A greenfinch taking life very seriously
Greenfinch and goldfinch
A greenfinch and goldfinch see eye to eye
The chaffinch can’t believe that a goldfinch has taken his place.

There is still quite a lot of colour in the garden and the sedum outside the kitchen window makes a nice background for this chaffinch.

It is checking to see if there are any empty places on the feeder.
A greenfinch leaving
A greenfinch leaving at speed.

The vegetable garden, strangely enough has a lot of flowers in it at the moment.  Mrs Tootlepedal plants them there as a holding position before they finally find their places among the other flowers.

Leek daisy poppy
There are some good looking leeks there as well as daisies and poppies.

Mrs Tootlepedal went off to work after lunch and I had a light to replace in the Archive Centre so after checking out this blackbird…


…I headed up to the Centre with sandycam in my pocket.  The fitting of the new light went smoothly and I made my way home by an indirect route, trying to pass as many good views as I could in a mile.

I went down Rosevale Street first and looked over the gardens to the bank beyond the river.

View from Rosevale

Then I went to the river bank itself.

River Esk

I crossed the Esk and was going to pass the Buccleuch Park without going in…

Park seen from across the Wauchope
Park seen from across the Wauchope

…but a fine looking tree drew me in.


Park tree
I thought that it was worth a small detour

I left the park and walked up to Pool Corner.


Pool Corner
The road up the Wauchope at Pool Corner

Dropscone and I had been round this corner in both directions this morning.  We probably hadn’t appreciated the scenery as much as we should have done.


Pool Corner is so called because of the weir or caul that creates a pool at the corner.

caul at Pool Corner
The caul at Pool Corner

This allows water to be drawn off through a small sluice gate for mill and skinyard use.

The sluice at Pool Corner
The is the water that flows along the dam at the back of our house.

Then I walked through the woods above Eskdaill Street until I came to the Galaside where I used the panorama function of the camera to take an 120°  shot of the scholars’ field.  It is not a very interesting picture but I am putting it on to see how it works in the blog.  (Click on it to get it enlarged if you like.)

Scholars' field

I was walking down Walter Street and nearly home when I saw Guthrie and Bruce at their door and Bruce very kindly asked me in for a cup of tea.  He offered me a cup of black brick China tea.  In spite of the somewhat uninviting name and appearance, it turned out to be delicious.  It was the genuine article too and had been a gift to Bruce from Bob and Nancy who had acquired it on a recent visit to China to see their son.

My flute pupil Luke was poorly and didn’t come for his lesson which gave me a welcome rest as the walk, though short, had found me rather tired out by the end.

In the evening I drove to Newcastleton with Sandy for a meeting of the Liddesdale Camera Club.  Their open competition was being judged by a man and wife pair of wedding photographers from Selkirk.  We didn’t necessarily agree with everything they said but we felt that they had made some good decisions in their ranking of the photos.  Sandy was pleased to come away with a second and third.  I will be entering my first competition there next month but the standard is high and I will have to find some good pictures not to disgrace myself.  I find that the first requirement of competition photography seems to be sharpness which is not my strongest suit.

Today’s flying bird is a goldfinch.

goldfinch with landing gear down.
It has got its landing gear down.












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12 thoughts on “The news from the joints is good

  1. I’m very taken with the rich colors on Rosevale Street, and with the contrast between stone and luxuriant vegetation. It must be a pleasure to walk there.

  2. I have heard good things about the Felt bikes but haven’t spotted one in the wild. The autumn colours are impresive.

    I hope the garden auger does not negatively affect your transcendental lawn care.

  3. So glad the joints stood up to the challenge, well done them! Wonderful autumn colours, a treat for the eyes.

  4. Dropscone is buying American. Please extend to him my thanks; we can use the help. Felt is based out of California and has an excellent reputation. I know them for the high-end carbon framed road bikes, but it appears Dropscone has a very nice trail/hybrid bike.

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