Mist out

Today’s picture, ruthlessly plundered from the NZ blog of Maisie’s mother, shows a fashion parade by her new chooks. We had another calm, sunny day today.  To make up for this, it was even colder than yesterday and the temperature hardly got above zero even in the middle of the day. It was the dayContinue reading “Mist out”

Cupboard love

Today’s picture shows Whita Hill at eleven o’clock this morning.  The long shadows show how low the sun sits in our sky at this time of year, even when it is nearly noon. On the plus side, at least the sun was actually out.  It was a nearly windless day with the temperature well belowContinue reading “Cupboard love”

No one to share the tea cakes with now

Today’s picture, sent to Mrs Tootlepedal by her brother who lives on the banks of the Thames, shows the river steadily creeping towards his house up the lane that he usually walks down to get to the river.  He should be all right if the worst comes to the worst because he has a canoe.Continue reading “No one to share the tea cakes with now”

Inconvenient visitors

Today’s picture shows a rainbow seen from the top of Whita Hill.  It was taken by my daughter Annie who was on a walk with Mrs Tootlepedal that I wasn’t able to join. In spite of a brisk north wind, the day was warm and bright enough for Dropscone and I to enjoy a pedalContinue reading “Inconvenient visitors”

Here comes the sun

Today’s picture is another one borrowed from a Facebook page, this time from Dropscone’s niece.  It shows Zurich all lit up. Today was Mrs Tootlepedal’s actual birthday and she would like to thank those who sent her good wishes.  After the effort of going to Edinburgh yesterday, we took things very easily today. This wasContinue reading “Here comes the sun”

Mr Tootlepedal takes the biscuit

Today’s picture is another from my sister Susan’s recent trip to Croatia.  I have put it in to bring a little ray of sunshine to a grey day. It was a very grey day here with the temperature hovering just above freezing for most of the morning.  This put paid to any idea of cyclingContinue reading “Mr Tootlepedal takes the biscuit”

Close up and personal

Today’s picture shows the returning Mrs Tootlepedal with the added bonus of daughter Annie in tow.  I am afraid that they did not take the injunction to pose nicely for the blog very seriously.  The large case contains two friends who were travelling cheaply. Apart from the arrival home in the evening of Mrs Tootlepedal,Continue reading “Close up and personal”

Into every life a little rain must fall.

Today’s picture shows Maisie enjoying some sunshine and a popsicle.  I have often wondered what a popsicle was and now I know. There were certainly no popsicle eating opportunities to be had in Langholm today as it was miserable from dawn to dusk with ample supplies of both wind and rain.  To top off aContinue reading “Into every life a little rain must fall.”

To be fair, it was quite a nice day today in spite of the continuing absence of Mrs Tootlepedal.

Today’s picture is another from Kevin’s colourful aquarium. After the dreary weather of the last two days, today was a welcome change.  It was dry, warm and pretty well windless.  Dropscone was on a visit to the dentist so I went out for a gentle saunter on the new bike.  I left myself a littleContinue reading “To be fair, it was quite a nice day today in spite of the continuing absence of Mrs Tootlepedal.”

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