Dropscone drops in

Today’s picture shows the lack of  view of our surrounding hills due to the all encompassing cloud cover.


And as per the forecast, it stayed at 11°C all day, sometimes with a faint drizzle and sometimes raining quite seriously and always with a brisk wind.  There were very few bird photographs to take partly because of the weather, which they don’t like, partly because it was too gloomy and partly because of frequent forays into the garden of a passing sparrowhawk.  The hawk didn’t even have the grace to stop for a picture as it drove my other subjects away.

 A grey morning was brightened by the arrival of Dropscone bearing gifts that show how he got his name.

drop scones
And very tasty they were with the coffee.

He made enough for three but the third old gentleman was busy elsewhere so we ate them all ourselves without any difficulty.

Otherwise, I spent the day in the house doing more or less useful things like putting a week of the newspaper index into the database, designing and printing a birthday card for my daughter, doing the crossword and looking out of the window and sighing.

Mrs Tootlepedal went off to Carlisle in the bus to purchase some essentials for pantomime costume making from the appropriately named sewing shop called ‘Fun to Do’.  When she got home she made panto hats.

I tried a few shots around lunchtime.

A loudly cawing crow in the walnut tree seemed suitable for such a black day.
Two  winter visitors
A siskin and a brambling, two winter visitors share the feeder.  The brambling is a very messy eater.
a blue tit and a siskin
A blue tit and a siskin
siskin and chaffinch
A siskin and chaffinch unleash combined disapproval on an incomer.

I did find a moment of dryness to sneak out and see if any roses were still about.  In general as I walk around the town, there are still a lot of roses in quite good condition in people’s gardens.  The one on the left here is in my neighbour’s garden and was taken over the fence


It was more or less pitch dark by half past two and as I write this rain is dripping down the wall behind the fire and beating a merry drumbeat in the basin that catches the drips that come through the window behind me.  And this is only November.  It looks like being a long winter.

The evening was the best bit of the day as I went off to the choir and in the absence of our leader on business, I got the opportunity to take the choir again.  This is an enjoyable activity.  We have cancelled some rather ambitious engagements to sing in public and we are solely singing for fun  but working hard at doing it as well as we can.

I just managed to get a flying bird of the day but because of the gloom it looks more like an poor impressionist painting than a photograph.


Were hoping that it might stop raining for a bit tomorrow.







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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

12 thoughts on “Dropscone drops in

  1. The peach colored rose still has buds. The roses have been hanging on here, too, some of them. I haven’t gardened in decades, but I don’t remember seeing roses in the snow. It’s very nice.

  2. I’m glad you included the photo of the drop scones. I’ve had a completely different picture of them in my mind each time you’ve mentioned them before. I thought they were more like what we call drop biscuits (not at all like your biscuits, which we colonials call “cookies”). Instead, it’s a totally different thing – what I’d call a pancake! Sigh. Such difficulties we have with a ‘common’ language!

  3. So sorry about your awful weather, do hope it lets up today. Glad the choir is such fun, keep up the good work.

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