Mr Tootlepedal takes the biscuit

Today’s picture is another from my sister Susan’s recent trip to Croatia.  I have put it in to bring a little ray of sunshine to a grey day.

croatian cataraman

It was a very grey day here with the temperature hovering just above freezing for most of the morning.  This put paid to any idea of cycling and as  Mrs Tootlepedal and Annie were tired after their trip from London yesterday, we all had a most relaxing day doing very little.

I glanced out of the window from time to time and to begin with, there was nothing but chaffinches to be seen.


Later on, a small flock of goldfinches turned up too.


There were several occasions when there were no birds to be seen at all thanks to a couple of swoops from our local sparrowhawk.  It didn’t stop to get its photo taken though.

blue tit
It was a day for photographing birds sitting very still
great tit
Or posing

The camfeeder is attracting a steady flow of visitors and I will connect it up next week.

Blue tit

coal tit

We went out after lunch to visit a show of painting, woodwork and photography which was on in the Town Hall gallery.  I was very impressed by the photography which gave me quite an incentive to try to improve my work.  We met Bruce and Lesley there and Bruce nobly offered to get me some of my favourite French butter as he was going to Hawick for the afternoon.   I have a very good class of friends.

After our visit to gallery, we did a little shopping and then a question came up.  Annie is keen  to go and see the starlings at Gretna but she was also keen to show me a recipe for making really good tea cakes.  The tea cakes require a good deal of time in the preparation and there would not be time to see starlings and cook cakes.  A discussion was held and a decision was made.

The result:

Tea cakes
That’s more like it:  the recipe was by Dan Leppard

A good decision.  They were delicious.

This was a combined effort between Annie and myself with Annie taking the lead while I looked and learned and lent an occasional helping hand.

The preparations for the tea cakes took about three hours in all to prepare and cook but a great deal less time to consume.  While the cakes were rising, I wasted a bit of the afternoon by watching Scotland trying and failing to play rugby which was depressing.    Another moment of waiting was filled by playing recorder duets with Annie, which was much more fun.   The rest of the evening was spent slumped in front of the telly.  This is rare for me but it was well worth it for once as it included Strictly Come Dancing and two episodes of the latest version of the wonderful Danish police thriller, The Killing.  It has been a very pleasant day.

I didn’t have a great day on my actual birthday but as presents I have got 300 biscuits, an Art Garfunkle CD and a book about Bradley Wiggins.  Mrs Tootlepedal has returned, our daughter is visiting and we are going to Edinburgh to see both our sons tomorrow.  Who could ask for anything more?   Well perhaps I will just have another of those biscuits.

A flying bird in the morning mist:


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7 thoughts on “Mr Tootlepedal takes the biscuit

  1. Another beautiful and yummy post and guess what I have an award for you come get it when you have a moment

    1. Thank you for thinking of me but I am so curmudgeonly that I don’t get involved in blog awards as I don’t think I have done anything to deserve them.

      1. Sorry you can’t play along with us will try to remember down the road 🙂

  2. Excellent tea cakes by the look of them. Glad you had an enjoyable day and fitted in some recorder duets.

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