Inconvenient visitors

Today’s picture shows a rainbow seen from the top of Whita Hill.  It was taken by my daughter Annie who was on a walk with Mrs Tootlepedal that I wasn’t able to join.


In spite of a brisk north wind, the day was warm and bright enough for Dropscone and I to enjoy a pedal the wrong way round the traditional morning run.  We went the wrong way round to get the best out of the wind and it worked out well.  We were able to introduce Annie to the delights of a girdle scone with coffee when we returned.   She was very impressed.

It had been bright enough to take a photo at breakfast time which made a welcome change.

Chaffinches are always our earliest visitors of the day at the moment.

After Dropscone left, Mrs Tootlepedal went off to work and Annie and I set about making another batch of tea cakes since all the ones we had made before had now been eaten.  In the gaps  while we were waiting for things to happen to the dough, we found useful thongs to do so no time was wasted in sitting and looking at dough rising.

 I also found time to look out of the window before we started cooking.

There were a couple of bramblings about during the day.

After the dough preparation had been completed, there was time while we waited for the final rising of the tea cakes, to set the camera up outside with the remote control in place.  Unlike the other day, this was not very successful  but I did manage to catch one of the bramblings again.


I know why the session was not so successful and I will try again when the weather permits and hope to have learned from the experience.

Not many birds came to the feeder while the camera was outside.  As soon as I took the camera in, they flocked to the feeder.  They know how to wind me up.

busy feeder

After lunch, Annie and Mrs Tootlepedal went off for a scenic drive and a walk in the good sunshine.  Sadly I wasn’t able to go with them as I had to stay in and look after the tea cake cooking and meet with some visitors from the health board.  They are consulting people involved in volunteer groups in the town with a view to ensuring that everyone who needs to know can find out about all that is going on in the town so that they can join in activities which will improve their health and/or well being generally.  This is an admirable aim but whether they can achieve it, is another matter.  I have promised to help where I can.

While I was waiting for them to arrive, I wandered round the garden looking for the last elements of colour for the record.

There are still some pretty leaves on the berberis
Mrs Tootlepedal’s favourite grasses were blowing in the wind.
pink rose
The last rose in the garden. This is the pink rose looking very washed out.


This tattered remnants of a foxglove survive.

I cheated and looked out of the front gate and across the road to enjoy our neighbour’s bush, glowing in the low sun.

Liz's shrub

At out back door there is a hardy winter jasmine.

Winter jasmine

After the health people left, I put the tea cakes in to cook and although I forgot to give them a beaten egg wash in the excitement of the visit, they came out pretty well again and I am now confident that I can repeat the recipe if I need to.

I just had time to take a couple of more shots before the light had faded too much.

A jackdaw struggling to get a grip on the fat ball feeder.
That’s better.

I took a perching chaffinch, well fluffed up against the increasing chill of the late afternoon.


And finished with a blue tit which took the place of the jackdaw on the fat balls.

blue tit

Mrs Tootlepedal and Annie came in from their drive and walk, having done a bit of shopping for our tea.  They enjoyed one or two of the freshly made tea cakes as a reward for their endeavours.

In the evening, Mrs Tootlepedal and I went off to our choir and enjoyed singing and conduction respectively.  In spite of a rather reduced attendance of sopranos and altos, the gentlemen were able to sing with such taste and the women with such vigour that we had a pretty well balanced choir.   What is very pleasing is that a small group of the singers are taking the choir seriously enough to come and have some music reading practice before we start.  It is a paradox of groups like ours that people can only have fun if everyone takes it seriously.

I did manage to catch a flying bird of the day.

flying brambling


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19 thoughts on “Inconvenient visitors

  1. The rainbow on Annie’s photo must be a relation of the one on my time lapse video taken at the same place.

    Your jackdaw photos look very Gothic.

  2. wonderful photos again. the rainbow is beautiful. I enjoy seeing your birds as they are foreign to where I live.

  3. Glad you had better weather and managed a ride. I was hoping for another picture of the teacakes! Glad to hear the choir is going well.

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