Today’s picture, taken today on a rare sunny day in London by my sister Mary on her morning walk, shows the lake at Kenwood House.  The bridge in the background is for decorative purposes only and leads nowhere. It was a foul, wet and windy day at breakfast and I was pleased that I wasn’tContinue reading “Discrepancy”

Two windows of opportunity

Today’s picture shows a very nifty hat which Mrs Tootlepedal has just knitted for herself following a pattern sent to her by our daughter.  The colours come at random  from the multicoloured wool she used. Once again, there was a dry and almost sunny interval when time for the morning pedal came round.  Unfortunately theContinue reading “Two windows of opportunity”

Pedalling and paddling

Today’s picture shows the first snowdrop to be out in the garden this year. Today offered another cycling window amidst a poor forecast and Dropscone appeared very promptly in his anxiety not to get caught in the predicted rain.  We went round the traditional morning run down through Canonbie and back over the hill toContinue reading “Pedalling and paddling”

Puff, whizz, puff, whizz, puff, whizz, coffee.

Today’s picture is from stock as I have not received any recent offerings from friend or family….or if I have, I can’t find them. After another night of rain, the day dawned remarkably pleasantly and being forewarned by an accurate forecast,  I rose promptly and got out the slower bike straight after breakfast.   ThereContinue reading “Puff, whizz, puff, whizz, puff, whizz, coffee.”

Run away

Today’s picture shows the nice shiny bike my daughter has just purchased for braving the streets of London. It has been well reviewed and she tells me that it is much lighter than her previous bike which can only be good.  She is of course putting mudguards on it. The reason that I took soContinue reading “Run away”

Snowed under

Today’s picture shows Wauchope Street at 1.30 a.m. this morning when we got back from the Gilnockie Burns Supper. It had been snowing like that for some hours and it became a distinct possibility that either the supper would be cancelled or we wouldn’t be able to get to it.  In the end, thanks toContinue reading “Snowed under”

Early to bed

Today’s picture shows the scene in our garden at breakfast time. It continued to snow until Dropscone arrived with treacle scone when it more or less stopped.   Very few birds were prepared to brave the snow and a lonely blackbird was the first to arrive. A goldfinch came next and seemed to hang onContinue reading “Early to bed”

Another year goes by

Today’s picture, which I received last week from my brother Andrew, shows the famous Banbury Cross deserted as a heavy fall of snow hit the town. Today defied the rather chilly forecast and stayed resolutely above freezing, rising in the afternoon to a very reasonable 5°C.  I had to get up early to take theContinue reading “Another year goes by”

Two birds with one stone

Today’s picture sent by my brother Andrew shows some very chilly looking boats on the canal at Banbury. It wasn’t quite so chilly looking here as yesterday’s snow had disappeared by the time we woke up and apart from a little sprinkling during the morning, we had a dry and above zero day.  It wasContinue reading “Two birds with one stone”

Fun from morn till night

The picture of the day was taken from my bedroom window when I woke up this morning. This was more serious snow and it was settling.  In a well organised way, it stooped shortly after I had finished my breakfast and the sun came out.  As Mrs Tootlepedal was going to work and I hadContinue reading “Fun from morn till night”