Early to bed

Today’s picture shows the scene in our garden at breakfast time.

winter scene

It continued to snow until Dropscone arrived with treacle scone when it more or less stopped.   Very few birds were prepared to brave the snow and a lonely blackbird was the first to arrive.


A goldfinch came next and seemed to hang on the feeder rather desperately.


After coffee Dropscone gave me a lift through the snow up to the High Street and I collected our car from the garage in full working order (I hope).

By the time that I got home, the birds had come out in force.

two chaffinches
Two chaffinches were weighing up the situation.
brambling and siskin
A brambling and siskin facing up.
chaffinches and bramblings
And soon there was a steady flow of chaffinches and bramblings at the feeder

The snow had stopped by lunchtime so, with more forecast, I sneaked out for a quick walk with the cameras.

I took my usual short walk route along the river.

gulls on wire
I was going to take a picture of a lot of gulls crowded on a wire but…

I did finding one looking rather serious gull on a post beside the Ewes Water.


I took this shot of the Langholm Bridge in snow just for the record.

Langholm Bridge in Snow

And I took this shot of my favourite picnic table just because I liked it.

picnic table on Kilngreen

I walked on to the Lodge Walks and enjoyed the sight of some sturdy moss poking out of the snow on top of a wall.


The Lodge Walks themselves looked rather grey and misty with the branches of the trees dusted with snow and I took a fine picture to demonstrate this but somewhere in the transmission from camera card to computer it got lost along with several other undying examples of the photographic art so this picture of the walls at the start of the walk will have to take their place.


I did manage to keep a tree picture or two.

Castleholm tree

Castleholm tree

I walked along to where I saw the stoat a day or two ago but it wasn’t to be seen today so I trudged home into some wet and sleety snow that made the last bit of my walk a bit miserable.

When I got home, I spent sometime in giving my talk for tonight a final polish and cutting yet more of it out as it turned out to be still too long when I read through it.

As I was doing this, it really started to snow in earnest and getting to Gilnockie, where the Burns Supper is being held tonight,  may well turn out to be a bit of an adventure.  Luckily our neighbour Liz is providing the transport.  The Gilnockie Burns Supper is famous for going on a bit and this is why I am putting this post up much earlier than usual as I think it is unlikely that we will be home before midnight.  I will report tomorrow whether I escape without being pelted by bread rolls and haggis by dissatisfied punters.

A gloomy gull is flying bird of the day.

flying gull




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15 thoughts on “Early to bed

  1. Georgeous trees!

    Hope the Burns speech was a great success and that the drive there and back was without incident!

    1. Thank you very much for your kind comment. A bit of snow offers some more light at this time of year which helps. I enjoyed your through the window squirrel shots.

  2. Nice snowy pics. It is raining today here. Yay! I had my good camera, taking pictures of raindrops on roses and whiskers . . . well, you get the idea. It is hard taking pics while holding an umbrella. Good luck with your talk!

  3. I really like those walls and the large trees.. we had sunshine here today..finally 🙂 the best to you for your talk.

  4. I, too, like the walls. We don’t have many here in the prairies – the weather is too harsh and the freeze-thaw cycle is very hard on them. The moss poking through the snow is very artistic!

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