Today’s picture shows the view from my window as I rose in the morning.

window view

When I went downstairs, I took a reading from the scientifically accurate snow depth gauge…

snow gauge

.. the snow was that deep.

The conditions certainly encouraged the birds to get stuck and three feederfuls of seed had disappeared by lunchtime.

busy feeder
This was a representative moment.

Some birds looked down for a space at the feast…


…while others waited optimistically below for scraps from the above.

bramblings andd chaffinches

I thought that it looked like time for a walk but first I swept the snow off the pavement outside the house and then, taking my camera and putting on the wellies, I ventured out.  The snow had great covering power and was able to stick to almost anything.


sSuspension bridge in snow
I think the hands of passing schoolchildren have swept the rails on the suspension bridge clean.
view from the bridge
This was the view from the suspension bridge
view from another brid
And this was the view of the suspension bridge from the town bridge

As I walked between the bridges, I met Kenny…


…making me feel that if I had waited a bit, I might have saved myself the bother of sweeping my own pavement.

As I got to the end of the town bridge, a collared dove alighted on a snow laden branch a few feet from me.


I passed the heron standing in shallow water and looking his usual cheery self but as I didn’t have my zoom lens with me, he escaped unshot.

I turned to objects on land instead.  The childrens’ play park looked ghostly.

play park

..and the  benches for visitors had yet to find a customer.

Kilngreen benches

A couple of trees stood out from the general winter wonderfulness as I crossed the Castleholm.

tree on castleholm

tree on castleholm

I crossed one final bridge on my way home.

jubilee bridge

The slant of the railings is not a camera illusion.  They really do slope inwards.#

This was the view from the bridge.


The snow was beginning to fall from the branches by the time I got home and I was glad not to be walking through this potentially dripping woodland.


A lot of the rest of the day was spent recording my rehearsal clips for the choir, writing the results to disks and then copying and labelling the disks.  It wouldn’t have taken anything like so long if I had remembered what do without having to relearn old skills from a depressing litany of errors but in the end I got it done and even sat down and used one to practise my own part of one of the songs on it.  It will take more than one go to reach even a mediocre level of competence though.  I admire people who can sing well immensely.

In the evening, I went to Carlisle by myself  (Susan is in France) and enjoyed an evening of recorder quartets as one of our other players was off as well.  She was on a jazz course.  The snow had melted enough to leave the roads quite clear and safe which was a relief.

I snapped a gull on my morning walk and it is the flying bird of the day.


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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

21 thoughts on “Wons

  1. As usual we here get your yesterdays weather and this morning the snow caused a near-collapse of traffic on the many autobahns of the region. Thanks or sharing this wonderful pictures of the snow-enchanted Langholm. .

  2. Lovely, lovely snow pictures, what a lot of snow fell. The birds must be really pleased to be able to feed so well in your garden. I should think the bird population of Langholm must be bucking national trends!

  3. Very nice. Snow covered trees are one of my favourite things about winter. Unfortunately, snow here is usually too powdery to do a good job of it (on the other hand that makes for easy shoveling)

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